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Friday, January 20, 2017

Inauguration Day

Y'all know I'm anti-trump. Well if you are too, and many of you are, do as the meme below says. Turn your TV ON but turn the channel to something other than the inauguration or news that would show anything about it. I have my TV channels on all my TV's in the house showing The Animal Planet and I put them on MUTE. The reason is that if we do this the inauguration will have low ratings. If you really want to hurt trump it's in the ratings whenever he has a speech planned in the future turn your channels to something else. Don't watch him. He hates low ratings. But your TV's have to be on in order to achieve this.


  1. i have done exactly this all day today!!! i wouldn't watch him if someone held a gun to my head!

  2. I'm working, and listening to radio...Pete Segar music right now. My husband will have the TV on all day, watching old Westerns...

  3. Being without cable and not being a Neilson family means that it doesn't matter what my television is turned to. People like me just have to be ever vigilant to ensure that we don't click on clips. Don't give that goon the clicks! No YouTube, just watch something important like that Nazi dick getting punched in the face today, instead.

  4. The best resistance is to make fun of him. And, as you say, don't listen to any announcement he makes.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  5. Like him or not, he IS president, and fighting against him does not help the country. Pick and chose your battles but help whomever is president to better the country.

    1. I'm sorry, but I cannot in no way shape or form like a man that abuses people by lying, cheating and stealing. I do not like the political party he stands for because they want to take everything that is good and right away from us. I understand there are some things that should be overhauled in our government, but I cannot and will not help that pig that is president and I will help fight against him until he is impeached and hopefully lead away in chains.


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