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Monday, January 9, 2017

Monday! Yes, It Is.

OMG! This past weekend was so cold. We had a hard freeze for 3 days and nights. We used to have an electric mattress heater. It's a mattress pad pillow top with dual heat controls so I could have warmth and David could be cool. He loves the cold. But when we got the waterbed with the heater we sold the mattress heater. I wished we kept it for the winter. 
Anywho, I slept the first night (Friday) with my thin blanket. I thought I'd be warm enough. But I wasn't. I got up to check the thermometer for outside and it was reading OF(Oh Fuck!) again. David did keep me warm for a while and then he got too hot so I didn't sleep well at all. Because IT WAS COLD! You gutter minded people.
My fake fur blanket. Yes, this is the actual color. It's a fake snow leopard
print and the lining (bottom right corner) is a light gold polyester velvet. 

The second and third night I slept with my fake fur throw blanket that I bought years ago. I needed my sleep. That sucker holds in the heat. I was sooooo warm and toasty that I didn't even need my socks. David wouldn't come near me because the fur was so heavy. He hates heavy blankets. 

Tomorrow I have to go see my vampire about drawing some blood. I need to get lab tests done before Monday next week when I see my family doctor. I know he's going to yell at me because I fell off the diet wagon and gained 4 lbs. Cookies are my downfall. I can't resist them. Especially with my coffee. Oh well.


  1. Ha ha, that first meme reminds me of my childhood. My Dad's old Studebaker truck did not have a blockheater to prevent the battery from freezing on cold winter nights (perhaps blockheaters weren't invented yet, I don't know). So on especially cold nights, he would disconnect the truck battery and bring it in the house, where it sat by the oil burner all night to keep warm. Then he'd reconnect it in the morning and drive off to work.

  2. It was a special kind of cold where I live too. So much so that after a freezing rain on Friday (rain then it froze) cars today are still engaging in a demolition derby. How heavy is a blanket that it can be considered "too heavy?"

  3. Tell the doctor you need cookies to keep you warm.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  4. Keep warm!!! Don't worry about those cookies, you will get back on track!


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