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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

This and That

Sorry, this is late but I'm having RA problems due to the rain again. Yesterday I had an appointment with my doctor. I was in such a rush to get out the door I forgot to take a book with me. It never fails, everytime I bring something to read I get called in as soon as I sign in. So, there I am sitting with nothing to read except hunting and fishing mags. I hate Field & Stream. Why is it that most doctor's offices have nothing but F&S and other hunting magazines. I know many of the magazines are donations from nurses and patients, hence the Women's Day, Family Circle, etc. But would it kill someone to part with a science magazine like Discover, or Popular Science? Just once? That's all I'm asking for.
Needless to say, I was stuck there forced to either read about Redfish or stare at the ceiling tiles. I chose walking around and staring. I was so hopeful for free wifi but no such luck. So I walked, stared, walked, and stared some more. I finally got called in. I bet everyone else was happy too. I was waiting for close to an hour and he spent only 5 minutes with me. I have to go back to see him in July. All that fucking waiting around for just 5 minutes of his time. That really sucks.
Pebbles - aka - The Cheerleader
(Instigator of All Fights)
When I got home I cleaned house because the puppies decided to play with their blankets. There were puppy blankets strewn everywhere and it smelled like they had also decided to label them by using them for the bathroom. The house smelled of urine. So I had to change clothes and gather up all the stinky blankets for washing. I even stripped their bed of everything and threw the puppies outside. 
Lucy - aka - The Mama's Girl
(All Round Snitch)
To say the least, they were not happy about the situation. It was a covered back porch so they wouldn't get wet and it was in the 70's outside, but 3 very unhappy little faces were pressed up against the glass door everytime I passed by during my cleaning hoping I would let them in. It was kind of comical seeing them like that and I would smile everytime I passed. I finally let them in when the floors were clean and dry and it smelled as if they never did anything. But I never let them have their bed back or their blankets until it was bedtime. 
Spunky - aka - The Owner
(Toy & Blanket Hoarder)
This morning I slept in because I wasn't feeling good because of my RA bothering me. The house was still clean. The puppies were behaving. I guess they learned their lesson yesterday. Anywho, I'm taking it easy for the next few days. It's supposed to rain this whole week. We won't have the sun shining again until Saturday and then it's supposed to get cold again. OY!



  1. I know rainy days is probably not the best for your pain; but - and excellent excuse to read and write. We have snow coming tonight. Looking forward to it - a good excuse for a cat day.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  2. if teddy ever pees in the house it's a sign it's the end. chow chows rarely pee in their own yards let alone poop.she has trouble pooping in the neighborhood! we hare very warm and having rain too. where is my winter!!!

  3. Please take care of yourself!!
    I love your puppies, even though they were naughty!!
    Big Hugs!


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