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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Tuesday-Monday's Ugly Sister

David is back at work this morning and I'm lonely. I miss having him home today. Like I said yesterday, it has been a nice 11 days having him with me. He never once watched trash TV. We went out and did things instead of staying inside. It was a really nice time together.
So, I'm doing 4 loads of laundry this morning, ugh. I have linens to wash and vacuuming and mopping to do but instead, I'm here typing this out. I should be shot. I do have one load of laundry going and I did mop and dust already. So that's done. Oh, and I rousted the puppies out of bed and outside so I could clean. The weather is going to turn cold again by Thursday so they will be staying out all day. The lazy bugs. Here I am making excuses by writing this shit.

Oh have all y'all seen this funny scary Turbo Tax commercial with Kathy Bates? Well, you will now. I'll leave y'all with this. I have a house that desperately needs to be cleaned and laundry to be washed.


  1. i did just see this. isn't kathy bates the best!? love the washer especially right next to trumps orange face on your sidebar!

  2. Glad to hear that David's staycation was fun for you both! I love that washer graphic too. I ADORE Kathy Bates, so thanks for posting this!

  3. I hope you are taking it slow with all the housework!!! I threw my back out again a couple of months ago in a clean frenzy and I still haven't recover. This took me back in my training, weight loss not to mention the pain...
    The washer was so funny!!
    Lots and lots of love!!!

  4. I hope you got your housework done! Glad you and David had a great time together! That Kathy Bates commercial was scary good!!!


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