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Monday, February 20, 2017

Monday - A Sneaky Snake and A Dumbass President

Yesterday, I was busy weeding my flower garden in the courtyard. You won't believe what I found in one of the rain barrels that I use for watering the garden. I took the lid off one of the barrels and found a cute baby Banded Water snake swimming around in it. YES!! The little guy was pissed because he couldn't get out.
The little bugger was almost a foot long so it was just a few weeks old at best. I knew it was a non-poisonous water snake because it's head was slender and smooth, not blocky like a Cotton Mouth. Also it's eyes had round pupils, Cotton Mouths have a vertical pupil. (Thank you zoology, animal anatomy and physiology.)  I picked it out of the water barrel with my hand rake and showed it to David before I let it go into the garden. David was wondering how a water snake would get so far from the river. I was thinking it was looking for food. I wondered if it was the only one, so David and I took sticks and began moving the Wandering Jew and Hostas and we also checked the other water barrels. We didn't find any snakes. Even though we didn't find any, that doesn't mean that we won't come across another one soon.
Did anyone see trump's speech over the weekend? I hope not. Anywho, his ego was unchecked as always. He praised himself as he always does, called out the FAKE NEWS as he always does, and then he mentioned immigrants and something bad that happened in Sweden.  Huh?? WTF??

I quickly went to Twitter and found out it was of course, fake. Similar to the Bowling Green Massacre a week ago, everyone started making fun of trump's remarks. That dumbass came back and said he was watching the Fox Faux News, Tucker Carlson program about a documentary that was about the climbing crime rate and terrorist attacks by immigrants in Sweden. Since he saw the program this past Friday night obviously he thought it had just happened. trump is just a plain idiot. He only sees what he wants to see and hears what he wants to hear. Then he shouts out lies because he doesn't fact check anything. He needs to be impeached due to insanity because getting rid of him for his lack of IQ points won't cut it. Everyone on Twitter and Facebook is making fun of the fake Swedish attack that they are calling it the Swedish Meatball Massacre. Just like the fake Bowling Green Massacre. And yes, I'm having fun with it too.

So everyone is going to their local IKEA for a candle light vigil tonight in support of The Swedish Meatball Massacre. Show your support for Sweden and pray for the quick end of trump's presidency. Thank you.


  1. How this man runs free and there is not a guy with a butterfly net trying to catch him, I ll neverknow Let alone how this man gets to be president.
    You seem pretty calm about your snake encounter... You didn't get scared at all?

    1. I was very surprised when I found the snake in the water barrel. But then I remembered how to tell the difference between a poisonous snake and a nonpoisonous snake. I took classes in zoology when I was going to college. If nothing worked out in waiting in line for the nursing or laboratory programs to accept me then I would try the veterinarian program. I learned so much while I waited for an opening in one of the programs. I got lucky and Laboratory tech program grabbed me first. Really I wish I had waited and gone to Vet school instead.

  2. You weren't worried that you might have been wrong about the snake? I would have just moved. It's easier.

    Trump. Has no control over himself and yet he is running a country.

  3. trump is such a fool, an idiot, an evil man! he is so frigging stupid that i could laugh at him, if he wasn't actually the president. we have to get this asshole out of office!

  4. Ha ha, love that video! And the vigil at IKEA -- I hope that's real, LOL!

  5. That snake would have freaked me out!! Poisonous or not! The video was great! I too hope the vigil at IKEA was real! Big Hugs!

  6. Good for you preserving the snake. I always did the same, placed them in my garden to eat bugs and vermin. In Kentucky I had a six foot rat snake crawling up my back screen door. I didn't put him in the garden, but I did put him in the field behind my house. I would be more concerned about a of pit bulls in my yard than a snake.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  7. How adorable is that little snake? So cute. And thank you for not panicking and just getting him out and on his way.

    Isn't Trump embarrassing? It is so sad.


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