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Monday, March 13, 2017

Monday - Where is my money!

So sorry my dear readers. I was busy looking through my mail to see if certain monetary items made it through the mail this morning. I will have to call my dear "friends" today and let them know that the amount has doubled. BWAAHAHAHAAAHAHAAAA! *cough cough hack cough* Sorry, I should look into that cough. I seem to have caught it while on a trip to Maine. Beautiful place, nice for taking wildlife pictures. 

Anywho, Yes I have been a bit busy. David was off Friday afternoon and I wasn't in the mood to go anywhere after my trip up north. I did a bit of housework and I played with the puppies. Pebbles is starting to put on a bit of weight again. At least she's looking better and not sleeping as much. Her drinking water is down too. so things are working. She's not out of the woods yet though. She see's the vet in about four weeks for a follow up. So we will see. 
Other than that nothing else has happened. I'm still waiting on my "friends."
Ciao Ya'll!


  1. I'll cut my hand off before I give you one red cent, you bloodsucker!

  2. Hilarious!

    Unfortunately, there is nothing in my life that is interesting enough to bother with. I'll work on it though.

  3. I m really glad Pebbles is getting better!!

  4. are you giving pebbles her shots? how is that going? glad she is improving!

  5. I'm so glad that I read Debra's post before this or I'd be clueless about what was happening. Still not sure WHY you're blackmailing these "friends" but, that's not on my conscious.

  6. So happy Pebbles is doing better!!!


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