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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

I'm Tired

I'm so fucking tired. I guess that's one of the fun party favors that comes with an autoimmune disease. I have so much trouble getting and staying asleep at night and when I tackled that problem with melatonin, I have another problem take its place. I'm in constant pain and it's not just my back. I"m tired, I can't sleep, I have no appetite, which David rags on me about and I can't walk a straight line or drive because of my vertigo. I'm a fucking walking talking mess. Where does it all end? I'm sorry, I'm feeling bad for myself when there are others in this world with worse problems and I should be ashamed. I'm babbling on. Sorry.

Anywho, The puppies are all around me lending support. Lucy hasn't left my side since I woke up. She's sleeping with one eye open right now on the couch next to me. I kid you fucking not. She has been my shadow for the past 5 days now. It's funny because she's usually daddy's girl all weekend and she's been with me all this time now. Her ears are moving as I type this. She's listening to the birds and the windchimes. She's gone, fast asleep now. It's a lazy day today. Nothing to do because I did it all yesterday. So I'll probably surf the web looking for cool stuff to read or watch on youtube.

David is going to buy me some elastic so I can sew it to the fitted sheet corners. I have 4 sets to sew. Since we have that waveless waterbed it's smaller in the pocket size of the fitted cal-king sheets and we've and the corners pop off when we sleep. The elastic on the corners will keep the sheets on the bed and we/'ll have a better night's sleep. One more thing about our bed is that I put a large king sized feather comforter on top of the waterbed. It makes the waterbed feel like a soft fluffy feather bed except it has a comfortable hardness and yet softness to it. I feel like I'm sleeping on my grandmother's bed like when I was little. It's so wonderful.


  1. Oh, Leeanna. I wish I had some known cure. But I suppose it's like having depression. Last night a good and kind person who only meant well asked me if I have tried exercise. I have been told to try selenium, yoga, B12, meditation, EMDR, tapping.. the list is endless. And these people don't mean to hurt but it does just the same. Having a chronic illness is awful. I am glad the melatonin worked. And I do hope you find comfort.

  2. Awwww, thanks sweetie. I try not to be ugly with people who give me their ideas on stuff to try. I know they mean well and they are trying to make me feel better. Actually, I love the fact that they try to help the best way possible. It comes from the heart.

  3. I hope things improve soon for you! Even if you are a Ducks supporter.

  4. I'm really a Blackhawks fan in disguise.

  5. I am so sorry sweetie . Although, in my opinion I don't believe there are many problems worse than chronic pain not to mention having so many isdues! I hope you will get better soon.You will be in my prayers and you are always in my heart!!

  6. at least you have the dogs! when i am sick, teddy stays as far away as possible. whats up with that? when i sneeze, she runs out of the house. hope u feel better soon!

  7. You have my endless sympathy and empathy. I hope that at the very least the vertigo abates.

  8. I didn't know water beads were still around. Hope you feel better soon
    the Ol'Buzzard

  9. Never apologize for how you are feeling! We are here for you!! Please take care of you! I'm happy you have your puppies around you! Big Hugs!

  10. Sorry to hear about this Leanna. I hope you will feel much better. Take care.

    Sending lots of hugsssss and kissesssss from Lancaster, UK;

    p/s: watch Train to Busan! It's a great zombie movie. Plus that handsome south korean actor Gong Yoo! XOXO


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