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Monday, April 10, 2017

It's Monday - or one of those other days of the week

I'm already going through withdrawals. Yes! I'm missing my favorite Sunday show The Walking Dead. It won't be back until October and that first show of Season 8 will be their 1000th airing. I hope they make it awesome.  
Anywho, right now I'm waiting for this nasty storm front to grace us with its appearance this evening sometime around 7 p.m. Then it's going to be raining off and on all night tonight and day tomorrow. Dayum! I'm so fucked up it's amazing that I can even type this. I had to take 3 of my pain meds just to be able to function this morning when I only take 1 for my back pain. I'm nearly fried, but I feel great. Not an ounce of pain in my body. Awesome shit.
Over the weekend David took a drive over to Wally (Walmart) World to get a few things our grocery store doesn't carry. I like a certain type of wax melts that smell like you just baked a jazzilian cupcakes in your kitchen. Only Wally World Has them. David bought 4 packs of them. I also needed some scrunchies for my hair. It's getting too hot around here and I like to put my hair up in a bun. So he bought me a shit load of black scrunchies and some hair bands. I stuffed everything in one drawer in my closet. David said they should last me for about a week. Snarky bastard.
This is what I'm seeing out my front door while sitting on my couch.
My hanging basket with my petunias that lived through the winter and my roses, red, pink, and orange are all in bloom. I'm going to go out there in a minute to drink it all in. I have a load of laundry to fold first and a new load to start. Y'all have a great day. Ciao Y'all.


  1. what a pretty view. things are just starting to bloom here. i think we get your rain tomorrow!

  2. There is a meme out there that says over my life I have bought 50, 000 hair elastics. I can find 4 of them.

  3. Still have snow on the ground - mud season next followed by bug season, followed by fall then snow again.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  4. I love what you are looking at out your front door! Big Hugs!


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