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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Religion in a Nutshell


  1. Here's my take. The Bible was written by men within the confines of their society at the time which makes it impossible for the average person to understand and decode. I reject that. I rebel against it. I can, however, follow Jesus at this point in time. I try to remain open, pliable and willing to be challenged

  2. It is such a confusing book. I do like Linda's idea though. Just following the man.

  3. Haha!! This about sums it up...
    Thank you about your comment! I want to try the feeder!
    Also, thank you for your nice words about my singing...
    As for me being fat, well I don't consider myself fat anymore, although some people might. But I used to be the fattest person I ever got to know. I used to weigh 150 kilos.

  4. another good reason to be a pagan.

  5. I can't remember if I have ever read the bible! LOL!
    (thank you for your comment about my art!!! Big Hugs)


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