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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Follow Up From Monday

Monday I said we have a teeny tiny birds nest in one of my hanging baskets, of all places. This is a predicament because it makes it quite hard to water the flowers without trying to get the nest wet too. So I have had to water with a little plastic cup, a little at a time so the nest stays dry and mama bird doesn't bitch at me so much. I also got the chance to take pictures of the nest and the eggs. Which made her furious.
You can see some of the little eggs in the nest. Notice how small the nest is in proportion to the petunia stems near its entrance. This sucker is tiny as hell. David was amazed that such a little bird could fart out five eggs like that.

It's not a very clear picture because I was using a telephoto lens on my little phone camera and it's not that great, but as you can see there are five tiny white eggs with brown spots. They are no bigger than my pinky finger nail. Don't worry I do know better than to touch anything in or around the nest. If she even caught the odor of human on her eggs she would fly off and start another nest somewhere else. I really want her to hatch these little guys and take more pictures as things progress.
Note: I found out that the House Sparrow lays 1-5 eggs and the eggs will hatch in approximately 11 days. Sooooooooo, between Tuesday to Thursday the eggs should hatch and I'll try to get pictures.


  1. Love that you are sharing this with us! Looking forward to more pictures. Hope you are feeling well.

  2. This is so wonderful!! Thanks for taking pictures! Big Hugs!


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