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Monday, May 1, 2017

Fuck! It's Monday!

The weekend was beautiful. We had a little thunderstorm that rushed through with a cold front that is keeping our mornings in the 50's. It was quite uncomfortable for my back but I managed through it. Sunday I got David to finally help me with the roses but I ended up doing most of the pruning because he doesn't like doing it. So while I did the pruning in the front yard, he cleaned up the courtyard and got rid of all the dead leaves and he sprayed some newly built wasp nests. Right now the sun is streaming through pecan trees in the front yard and it's so green and beautiful outside.
Something I've noticed about our dogs that remind me of children. First off if you've had or still have children around the house you will sometimes have one that it unruly and he/she will defy you at all cost. Or they will talk back under their breath. Well, I have that problem. It's with my oldest dog Spunky. He defies me every time. It's like dealing with a bad child. I don't spank them and they know mommy means business when she says something because they pay the price. Either I take their toys away for a day or withhold their afternoon and evening treats. So I usually have no problem with the puppies. But Spunky is becoming a problem child.
Spunky at 7 yrs old
Yesterday I asked David to stop Spunky from barking. Spunky was outside, note* this dog is old and blind as a bat and defies me every time, barking at absolutely nothing. He was barking because of sounds in the neighborhood. So I asked David to hush him up. David was unsuccessful because Spunky and David are buddies. They are the only men in the house so they stick together. Spunky is still barking so I tell David to be firm with him and tell him to stop the barking. No luck. Finally, David yells at Spunk to shut-up and that does the trick, so I thought.
I'm walking from the living room to the TV room where David is  watching TV and I see Spunky on the back porch with his back to the glass door barking under his breath, almost whispering, "burff burff." I quickly called David to come witness this and we both started laughing. I said to David, "now do you believe me?"


  1. You have such beautiful roses too -- would love to see more photo when they're all blooming again!

  2. That is so funny! It's kind of a win - win situation, no? 😂

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAH! That is absolutely amazing. We all do shit like that...but who would think a dog would defy in his own little way. Perhaps it is the fault of the person who named him SPUNKY! ;)

  4. That is too funny! LOL! Too bad you couldn't have taped him! LOL!


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