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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

It's Tuesday

Hey, everyone, I'm back. I hope all y'all had a great weekend because we certainly did. Friday was quiet. We just sat around and watched TV. I did laundry, cleaned house and repotted and watered some of my house plants.
One of 2 lemon plants and one of 3 pineapple cuttings
I found out that some lemon seeds I threw in one of my half wine barrel planters by the back gate to the courtyard are growing. Also, the three pineapple cuttings are taking root and doing well. The squirrels killed my newest young mango tree and Davids watermelon and his honeydew melon plants. The little fuzzy bastards ate the plants before they could even sprout flowers. David is pissed. I told him over and over again let's build a greenhouse so we can keep the critters out. So it's not my fault. I tried to tell him.
Luling City Market BBQ
On Saturday we drove over to Luling and met David's daughter, Anna for a BBQ lunch at City Market. Her birthday is next week and we weren't sure if she would be able to drive down from Austin to see us. Anywho, I was hoping her new boyfriend would be with her so I could finally meet him but not this time. It's a working weekend for him. He works for the Lt. Governor of Texas. Anna took some BBQ goodies from City Market back with her so he could enjoy what he missed.  
Polaris Slingshot - Megatron. Awesome 3-wheeler.
Notice no registration sticker or license plates.
 It's not street legal to drive one in Texas
We did have a pretty good time in Luling. For some reason, everything was right with the world. I took three of my pain med pills and was pain-free by the time we arrived in Luling. We found prime parking under a tree, and we saw a Polaris Slingshot which I got pictures of in case there are any car/motorcycle enthusiasts out there in blogger-land. The Slingshot is not a street legal vehicle here in Texas. So it's very rare indeed to see one.
The owner is the black gentleman in the black T-shirt talking
to the gentleman in the motorcycle helmet
There are obvious reasons why it's not street legal. No roll bar, no side panels, and no air bags. It can't be labeled a motorcycle because there is no saddle or a car because it's missing the safety items I listed. So it can't be registered at the DMV. It's a sweet three-wheeler, great for weekend jaunts around town if you like asphalt surfing and hiding from the cops. The cost of this rascal is about $20 grand.
Pebbles in her better days
David was thinking of going down to the coast on Monday but I talked him out of it. It would be too crowded at the beach and besides, it's supposed to rain. I just wanted to have a nice quiet weekend. The weekdays are busy enough and I like my quiet time. Something bad did happen on Monday though. Pebbles, our baby girl that we rescued from a puppy farm, the one with diabetes has gone completely blind and deaf now. Even though I have tried to keep her as healthy as possible, her age is getting the best of her. She is having trouble walking and she sleeps 95% of the day. David is talking about taking her to the vet this week and having her "put down." I can't. Even though it would be best for her, I just can't get it into my mind to do that. Ending a beloved pet's life is so hard for me. I'm having a hard time with that idea. He may have to do this alone.


  1. so sorry to hear about pebbles. teddy is over 12 now and she is really slowing down. she sleeps a lot and won't even go down to the lower gardens anymore. she is afraid to cross the creek. she is also having trouble with stairs. i'm afraid we will have to take turns sleeping downstairs with her too. my biggest worry is that she won't let us put her in the car to go to the vet. what will we ever do? old pets break hearts.

  2. Poor old Pebbles. We'll all be in her boat some day.

  3. Sorry to hear about Pebbles. I hope you stay strong as always. Much love from Lancaster UK. Noor XX

  4. Sorry about Pebbles. These hard decisions. Sending you hugs.

  5. 20K for a motorized tricycle that you could get in trouble for even attempting to drive? Also, wait a second, motorcycles don't have those safety features but people are allowed to drive those.
    Most importantly, I'm so sorry to hear about Pebbles. My childhood dog had the same problem going deaf and blind. I wouldn't let my parents take her to the vet so she stumbled around for a while before falling into a pool and drowning. It's a tough decision no matter what you decide. Good luck to all involved.

  6. I am so sorry about Pebbles! I know when I had to put my cat down, my brother took him to the vet for me! Our fur babies are our children! I understand!
    That slingshot is cool!
    Big Hugs!


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