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Monday, June 12, 2017

It's Monday

Thank Gawd this weekend is over. It's been crazy and very tiring for my emotional well being. Saturday, we had to take Pebbles to the vet because she wasn't walking and it was obvious she was at that time. So we called the vet and then went to have her put to sleep.
There is no easy way of doing that. It's heartbreaking to go through it. When we got back home it was strange how the house was quiet. Both Lucy and Spunky kind of knew what happened. They are adjusting well. Since Saturday, Lucy has been very close to me, following me around everywhere. She hasn't left me alone. David keeps making fun calling her my little shadow.
Anywho, we're moving on. Tomorrow, Keebler Elf, Jeff Sessions will be tearing himself away from the cookie and cracker baking tree just long enough and TRY to tell the truth about his wily misadventures with the Russians. I really need to get David to buy stock in popcorn and tea. I'm making a great big jar of sun tea today for tomorrow. David said he would stop by HEB to get me more popcorn since I popped all of my last supply during Comey's Testimony. I'm setting the DVR for C-SPAN again but I'm watching it live. I hope that nasty little man squirms.


  1. i am so sorry to hear about pebbles. teddy us really slowing down and it just breaks my heart. i will be glued to the set tomorrow.

  2. Damn Leeanna, I am sorry for your loss. A few years ago when we had our male car put down his sister mourned for months - keep looking for him and totally changed her habits... It is hard for us caretakers and also for the animals that are left. They are not pets they are family.
    You are in our thoughts.
    the Ol'Buzzard: and my wife that never misses your post.

  3. My condolences about Pebbles. But you gave her a long and happy life and then, at the end, the great gift of an easy and painless passage. Wishing all of you heart's ease with time.

  4. So very sorry for your loss. Even when you know it's the right time, it hurts so much.

  5. Sorry about your pup. It's so hard to lose a pet. Sending love to you. xo

  6. I am so sorry about Pebbles! Sending you a Big Hug!!!


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