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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Stuff and Thangs

There is something of a Mexican standoff going on across the street from my house. It's involving close to 11 cats and 2 huge turkey buzzards. I was taking pictures of it all when my camera battery died. I nearly screamed from the dismay. I can't download the pictures onto my computer unless I have a loaded battery. It's dead ass is being juiced up as I write. Really pisses me off to no end right now. I hope the pictures come out okay. I'll have to post them on Monday.

David will be off on his annual 4th of July vacation. So he has decided to start that week off beginning tomorrow morning. Lucky me. I have a small list of things I want him to do outside and it should keep him busy and out of my hair for a week, unless he does everything in one day. 


 1.   Fill in the Black Hole of Calcutta on the side of the house.

 2.   Dig up all the grass and weeds from your now defunct 
         tomato garden. Use it to fill in the Black Hole of Calcutta.

 3.   Cut all low hanging branches from the Pecan trees that 
         would impede drivers from driving on our street.

 4.   Wash and detail my car like you said you would in June 
         when I won that bet.

 5.   Wash out the trash cans.

 6.   Fix the down pipe going to the water barrels.

 7.   Clean out your man cave/tool shed, I can't find a hammer 
         when I need one.

 8.  Paint the front door and window trim like you said you would 
         last year.  

 9.  Fix the mail box. 

10. Fix the leaking faucet in the kitchen.

So sue me! I could only come up with 10 Herculean tasks. This will surely keep him from bothering me while I watch The Good Wife  next week.


  1. poor david! maybe just going to work would be easier!

  2. Love love your list!!
    I found you thru OctoberFarm.

  3. I want to see those photos!
    Did hubby get everything done? LOL!


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