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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

I'm The Trifecta of Fun Around Here

Yeah, I seem to be just that. I didn't get to post early because I was busy calling my family doctor for an emergency appointment and getting dressed at the same time. This morning I woke up and took my wrist splint off to take my shower. Guess what, my wrist was twice the size as yesterday's photo op with the x-ray machine, red as a beet and hot as Houston. So I finally got in with my regular family doctor and he said it might be either pseudo gout or cellulitis. As for the swollen hands and wrists from arthritis, he asked if my pain doctor did and testing for it. Nope, she just prescribed a drug that worked for the pain and swelling but affected my blood pressure to the point that when I stood up I felt like I was going to faint. Apparently, my BP was plummeting from the medication, so now, I'm not taking it per my family doctor orders until we find out what is causing all this hand and finger swelling. Lovely! 
So, I went for a fasting blood draw just minutes ago. I am soooooooo glad they can draw my blood without problems because so far my week has been one sucky problem after another. Right now I'm being tested for lupus AND arthritis, and anything else out there that might be in the autoimmune family. I have to call my doctor tomorrow morning to see what the results are from the tests and what we are going to do next. Yes, I''m worried as hell because nothing is definite right now. We don't have a clue what is going on with me. My doctor did prescribe the antibiotics for the possible cellulitis.  I hate taking antibiotics because of the whole "Super bug" thing. Yeah, that. So, I'm just sitting tight hoping for the best. And how was your day thus far?


  1. Well, at least they stabilized your blood pressure! Scary stuff! Keeping my fingers crossed for you that they'll find answers soon and that it won't be anything too serious but easily fixable!

  2. I hope everything gets straightened out for you soon!!! I'm crossing my fingers for you and sending you positive energy! Big Hugs!


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