Monday, April 6, 2020

Monday This and That

We had a nasty little thunderstorm on Friday. Saturday morning we were fine except we started losing some of the cable TV channels. Then we lost the phone service and the internet. David called cable service and they stated that nothing was wrong in our area. He called back after thinking the cable modem went bad so he went to New Braunfels to exchange it. Came back and hooked up the new box and nothing worked. Okay... called cable people on his cell and made an appointment to get them to come out on Sunday to fix the damn thing. Sunday morning we lost TV channels completely where as we were able to watch only a few. So, three trucks came out and fixed the line. It had been fried guess how. Anywho that is the reason I had posted so late for Saturday and Sunday.
Sorry, I'm in a really bad mood right now. I'm in the middle of a bad lupus flare and my RA is killing my hands, wrists, and back. I just want to be left alone. I woke up with my wrists aching so bad. I went to the kitchen to get some Tylenol and I could barely open the cap off the bottle. Thank the Goddess David hadn't left for work yet. I'm not cooking for the next few days. In fact, nothing will be getting done around here for a while until I feel better.
David was fiddling with the phones while he was deleting numbers and figured out the intercom system on Friday. I made it a notion not to show him how to use it because he would abuse it by bothering me. Sure enough, he figured it out and he did nothing but bother me all Sunday afternoon after we got the cable repaired. I wish I had the strength to hit him upside the head with a shovel. I should be so lucky.
I'm going to go make David some lunch, check-in on Spunky, and then go take a nap. I'm hoping to feel better when I wake up.
Y'all stay safe and healthy and have a magical day.


Anne in the kitchen said...

I hope you feel much better sooner rather than later.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Begone, lupus flare! Did that help? Well, my witchy powers are not what they were.

The JR said...

I do hope you feel better when you wake up.

Men, they do not know when to leave us alone.

Magic Love Crow said...

Please take care of yourself!!! Big Hugs!

ellen abbott said...

I hope you feel better when you wake up too. We got about 2 ½" of much needed rain over Friday and Saturday.

pam nash said...

We got rain here also though no storms - just rain all day. Hope you feel better quickly. Take care.

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