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Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve And My Seventh Day Of Incarceration

I hate when He's home. David is beginning to drive me up the wall now. Yesterday I tried to stay busy by baking cookies. He pretty much stayed out of my way. What irks the shit out of me is that he watches trash TV all day long. And it blares from the media room like he thinks the whole neighborhood needs to hear this crap.

I had to stop reading my romance novel and close the windows because it was so annoying for the neighbors to hear. Then I had to explain that common sense says these dumb asses are paid to act this way on these programs. They are recruited from trailer parks in Kentucky [no offense] to come on the show and coached to do this crap. People are not this stupid or this ugly in real life. Of coarse he won't believe me so I let him be.

I went back to my cookie baking and reading my romance novel, knowing this stuff is for real.

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  1. Well, everyone needs a hobby...

    Have a magic holiday!


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