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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Just Crap To Keep You Informed Of The Crap I'm Going Through

Wait I need my coffee first...

My dear minions. I have only three, maybe four more days of Sanity left before David takes his two weeks off. Oh woe is me, my minions.

I was not able to blog this past Friday or Monday because David was home taking time off because he has all these freaking sick days piled up. So my time or is it my sanity is limited. Yes it is a dire situation for me.

Mmmkay, on the lighter side, I was thankful that I received all my goodies from before David decided to tell me he was playing hookie from work on Friday. I lit a candle and prayed really hard that Federal-Excuse would make it to the house before David got home on Thursday evening.

It was close but the Fed-Ex truck was driving down the street after dropping off my Intous4 Tablet package when David turned into the driveway on the otherside of the house. I had just a second of time to stash it behind the couch before he came in the kitchen door. Whew, that was cutting it close!

Friday we spent most of the day driving around Christmas shopping for the kids [ David's daughter and her hubby and their fuzzy kids the Boxers, Biscuit and Gravy]. Yes you saw them in a much previous post on Blingy Week. Also we were hunting down some new toys and goodies for our fuzzy kids too. I dearly love Petsmart. After all that running around up in San Marcos, it was so good to be home. I was so freaking tired.

On Saturday and Sunday I spent the days cleaning and doing laundry since I had like this energy boost in me that I couldn't get rid of. Then of course Monday I paid dearly for it by being laid up with pain again. Freaking damned Fibro!!!

But this morning I was able to get at all the packages that I had stashed from David including a gift for him that I still need to wrap. We agreed to not to exchange gifts but he needs this in his tool box so I don't need to hear him bitch about losing certain tools again ... ever!!!

Okay back to the other goodies. I got the MS Publisher 2010 and installed it on Little Hal cause he has more room then Hal does. Besides I noticed Hal has been crashing more often than he should. Even though I ran the Doctor Program on him and cleaned up some obsolete files. I think he's just getting old. I might need to start looking for another HP computer really soon.

Oh yes another thing,  an old blogger friend is back,  Dark Mother has returned to the fold of insane bloggerdom. Yes!!! All is right with the Universe again. Welcome back my dear. I missed you.


  1. I hope you feel better and don't "accidentally" lick David in a closet. Also you gotta let us know how the tablet works out that way I can drool in envy and dream of the day I can hide one from my husband.

  2. big hugs my friend!

  3. OH, must you remind me!!!! In just a week or so my son will be home for a whole MONTH, before school starts up again in January!!!! Oh dear!

  4. I got your Yule card in the mail the other day! Love it, it's gorgeous and is displayed proudly on my wall.

    Yours will be on its' way shortly.


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