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Friday, December 3, 2010

Just A Note Before I Go Slightly Mad

I've been up most of the night reading and researching and I'm nowhere finished. Researching to start a magazine or e-zine is a shit load of work. It will mean even more work IF (I was going to say when)  I decide to start one for us. So this will take some time and great deliberation on my part.

Yule is fast approaching and I haven't even started to decorate yet. David and I have opted to not give each other gifts as usual. Hell, we have each other and everything we could want, so why bother. I kinda like that cause we used to feel bad if the other didn't like the gift. We just enjoy the season and buy for his daughter and hubby and the fuzzy kids.

Speaking of Christmas ...  how do you like the music. I know but it's like me, misguided and weird. I just had to go beyond the norm because people were screaming that they are so tired of the traditional crap that gets overly done by today's music artists. I have to agree on that one. So I found some stuff I liked and now you are stuck with it. neener neener ;P

Well my dear minions I have loads of reading to catch up on and decorating to do. Have a great weekend.


  1. See I knew if the spark stuck you'd get yourself in there and find a way to fix the lack of magazine thang. If you need an old lady's viewpoint editor call me. tee hee. You are a stitch and a half. XOXO The Olde Bagg

  2. ohh, an e-zine! That sounds like fun!

  3. Looking forward to the new the music...the office was wondering why I was laughing...

  4. If you want some really awesome, rather strange holiday music, go to

    You'll get both two albums of awesome holiday horror, festively stashed in a holiday tentacle.

    What more could one ask for?



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