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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nothing But Fun

WOW!!!  I LOVE this thing!!! The last 10 hours were truly spent having total unadulterated FUN!!!  I mean to tell y'all that this Wacom Introus4 Medium Pen Tablet is nothing but fun. I was up most of the night checking out all the cool software and goodies it came with. It might be the best thing I ever bought since my first car.

If anyone is interested, as I know you are, Traveler. When you get the Tablet you will notice that it has two different ways to hook it up to your computer. Yes, they have thought of the left handed person as well as the right handed. The disk sets up the Tablet on your computer and then it will show you a table of contents. This is very important because when you look down the list of contents  where it says to Register the Tablet,  just click on that and it will take you to the Wacom site.

When you get to the Wacom site, follow the directions and enter all the necessary info on the Tablet to register it. Then you will go to the download section automatically. There are downloads for Corel Painter Sketch Pad, Adobe Photoshop Elements 8, which can be upgraded if you want to pay for it. There is Nik Color Efex Pro Brushes, and Autodesk Sketchbook Express.

Make sure you click on everything that you can get for your PC/MAC [for Mac users, make sure your Mac is up to date and can handle the software or it will not download] and then download them to a special folder on the computer. When you get out of that software area from Wacom you can never go back to redownload the stuff if you accidentally lose it or if you change your mind later and think oh I need that software that I didn't download before. It will not let you go back. So take the time and download everything in sight and order the DVD's that are available, I did.

When you get some time to open the software and finish setting it up, the Adobe and Corel software will ask for License keys. Go check your email and get them from there. Save both emails in a special folder on your email site so you will never lose them. Even if your computer crashes this stuff is safe.

Added Bonus: When you need some inspiration or ideas on the settings in the Introus4. Go to the Wacom site and check out all the added goodies they offer you for free. I spent two hours on that site and barely made a dent in all the stuff they offer. It all includes artists and their ideas to help you. Take advantage of this because it comes in handy.

Special notes: The Tablet has a cover you can order from It's a hard foam cover pouch with zippers [Be.ez 100828 LArobe Sleeve for Wacom INTUOS4 MEDIUM (Black/Wasabi)] and it comes in different sizes to fit your Tablet. Believe me when I say it is an investment to keep the Tablet safe from scratches and dust. I have a small pouch I saved from a purse I no longer needed. It now holds the Pen and accessories and the mouse that comes with the Tablet.

Also order the extra Pen [INTUOS4 Pen Accessory Kit] set for the Tablet. You will need it. One more thing ... READ, READ, READ, everything in the help sections of the different software programs. It helps to know what you are doing. Don't forget the Wacom site. It also offers tips and tricks to help you in your artistic talents with the Tablet.


  1. Looks like a full time adventure for awhile. Too wonderful for you. I read your under the couch post to my husband who laughed his ass off because.........a little to close to home if you get my drift. Or at least I used to do that, now, not so much. Enjoy darling girl, The Olde Bagg, Linda

  2. I read your under the couch post too... and laughed MY ass off... my cats are still looking at me strangely... o_O

    This looks awesome. I went & did like four hours of internet scouring after you first posted about it, including watching probably an hour and a half of youtube videos, and was like, "Well, it's awesome, but not quite what I'm looking for."

    And now I want one again... XD

    I'm so glad you love it & that it's making you so happy. Hopefully, you'll be able to lock yourself away for a bit while the hubby is home & use it to escape impending doom...


  3. Oh I want, I want! Now how much overtime would I need to do...

  4. Well Linda, I'm glad I make y'all laugh. That makes my day dear, it really does.
    Annalee, I really didn't think of the youtube vids. Damn, thanks so much!!!
    Katy, I have no idea on the overtime but they cost around $349 on Go to the Wacom site first to see what they have and then see what Amazon has. I love mine to death.


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