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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Quick Update

So far mouse body count is 2. Got both of them last night in the laundry room/ pantry. I reset the trap and then went to sleep. There were no more snaps in the night.

David checked it before leaving for work this morning. As he was getting his morning snack together, he forgot to close the pantry. There was a loud snap and a scared black and white Boston Terrorist jumped into bed with me.

David was laughing in the kitchen and I asked him if we caught another mouse. He said a humongous black and white one named Lucy. I looked at Lucy who was shaking next to me what she did and she put her head on my stomach and looked at me like she was saying "wasn't me ma. No pictures, no witnesses, no prints, no proof."

She was scared and when David came into the bedroom laughing she was looking at him like she didn't do anything. David explained the situation to me and I laughed. She's such a Nosy Nellie. Don't think she'll be springing anymore traps any time soon.


  1. poor lucy and poor mieces(pronounced like jinx the cat, lol). They apparently got hated to pieces..

  2. poor poor Lucy. Good thing she has a short nose. As for the mice...ick, ick, ick.....I hate um. They make my skin crawl...except the Tom and Jerry variety. The Olde Bagg, Linda

  3. Lucy went and got her nose popped by the mouse trap again this morning. She must be a slow learner or just a greedy gussy for cheese.

  4. Lol... poor puppy... XD

    She may have gotten snapped, but did she at least get the cheese? ^-^

  5. It was so funny when it happened. She was licking her mouth like her snout got snapped hard. She never got the cheese.
    She still didn't learn her lesson though. She went right back later when David was in the pantry getting crackers. *SNAP* Loads of snout licking by Lucy again. I don't think she will ever learn ... her craving for cheese out weighs the possibility of pain involved. But she's okay not hurt


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