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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tis The Season To Warm The Puppies

I woke up late this morning and found two little shivering puppy dogs in bed with me. I couldn't even turn over to see who it was. They were secured, slightly under my back. Lucy had her legs under me and her little head on my neck. Pebbles was nearly under the lumbar area of my back.

It was quite impossible to turn over to see who was breathing hot and heavy in my ear. I had to get up out of bed. The Shiver Sisters were still lying there worming their way under the blankets. Lazy bums! So I left them there, went to get a shower to warm up my muscles and came back to get some clothes on and they were still snoring in bed. I got some coffee and toast. watched CNN for a half hour then came to turn on the computer to write a post and all I heard was loud snoring coming from the bedroom down the hall. Tis the season for puppies in bed with me again I guess.

Ok, as you know I'm back. Stinking Fibro made me dizzy in line at the Post Office yesterday and I almost passed out. I hate when that happens. David is usually with me and I can leave and sit in the car if it gets bad. It bothers him when I get my migraines and my fainting spells. His mom died of brain cancer. I already had an MRI and I'm okay in the head ahahahahahahahhaaa.  Never mind ... let's move on.

As for the e-zine I am going to take it slow and work things out. I have the MS Publisher coming from, but it won't be here til almost Christmas time. But the Wacom Intuos4 Medium Pen Tablet will be here in a week. I'm antsy as shit about that thing. Also wondering how I will be hiding it from David. When he does find out, I'll be dead meat. SO, who's coming to my funeral ahahahahahahhaaaa.


  1. I'm glad you made it out of the post office alright. However it may not be the fibro..I feel like fainting whenever I have to go in there myself..

    On the Ezine note if there is anything I can look up for you or information I can gather let me know. If I know what you need I can help you find it =).

    I'm trying to find a way to justify getting a pen tablet with corel painter but so far all I can think of is that I didn't sign any life insurance paperwork so my husband MIGHT leave me alive if I order it...

  2. Okay so here's another thing to ponder. Perhaps your dizzy is Meniere's....I had Meniere's long before I was diagnosed with fibro. Inner ear disorder. I'd be standing up minding my own business (as much as that is possible) and then it was like the floor had a magnet for my head and I would go reeling towards the floor. First time it happened I thought I was having a heart attack. Not because of the pain but because of the disorientation. Long story but I have found out that Meniere's, Fibro and another cutie thing called nystagmus...where your eyes have rapid movement are all interconnected. Some lights (florescent frequencies) are the trigger for the nystagmus and then trigger Meniere's and then your muscles go into spasm and Fibro rears it's ugly head.....are we having fun yet???. I got escorted out of a store one time because they thought I was drunk. I couldn't stand up straight and I hurt so bad I wasn't making any sense......go figure. I did get your email and will answer in just a bit. The Olde Bagg, Linda

  3. Yeah, we have a dog like that... he's either lying in front of the fire or under a blanket these days. But he's really old and had a bad life, so we don't mind spoiling him a little... (he's living with my sister, but he's still "our" dog to me).

    The cats try to sleep under the blanket ON MY FEET - little perverts...)

  4. My kitties have the same idea as your puppies... lolz...

    I will attend your funeral. I will deliver the nicest eulogy ever delivered. And I will make sure your Wacom Intuos4 Medium Pen Tablet is safely buried with you...

    I mean, you're going to need *something* to do when you're dead...

    bwahahahaha... ahem.

  5. You doggies are so cute! It is nice that you blog about them to your readers!
    OMG a Wacom Intuoso. Kinda pricey. I purchased for myself the Genius brand 8x6 pen mouse pad. I was happy because I could get a drawing tablet for 40 bucks no shipping. I see the reviews for Wacom Bamboo and my genius works pretty much like it. No lag.
    Having a drawing tablet is awesome.
    You will enjoy it and since you have the lah tee dah brand (if you survive) you will probably feel better. It is nice to treat oneself. Don't lose that pen.
    I am ghetto so I use free stuff like GIMP to draw with. I love my computer goings on, but won't break down and buy anything spendy on it. I fear WOW and stay away from it. But this streaming thing is starting to seem like to get real time TV I am gonna have to spend more than my NetFlix. Hulu is charging 7.99 a month for full access now.


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