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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Update And Thinking ... Again.

Update: Lucy is fine.  She was never really hurt bad with the mouse trap incident. She never got the cheese either. Silly little shit. Right now she is lying in her favorite spot behind me in the chair I'm sitting in. At least I know she's not getting into trouble. No more mice caught even though I still have the traps set.

Me, I'm doing fine. Just trying to take each day as it comes along. I can handle the pain somewhat. It's just the tiredness that gets to me. I feel like I'm being dragged into a hole all the time. Someone get me a freaking ladder PLEASE!!!

I seem to be thinking much more clearer now. It's so very strange to me. I was always in a deep fog. It must have been the Fibro doing it to me because since I've been on Cymbalta and Lyrica I'm sleeping deeply and clearly thinking again. No more foggy brain shit. David says he needs to watch what he says around me now because I'm more alert. That makes my witty comebacks on his remarks much more sharp to the touch. ouch!

Okay, I'm going to plead for something. *getting down on my knees ... ouch ... ouch!!*

I want to know if anyone of my minions know of a great Pagan or Witch magazine online or in paper form. Preferably in paper form.  Nothing stupid that portrays us as people who dress in black robes, black eye makeup, long scraggly hair and carrying a stupid staff with a skull on the top of it. We are nothing like that. We are normal people.

I want a magazine besides Llewellyn, Witch's Voice, or Pagan News That portrays Pagans and Witches as normal human beings, everyday housewives, single parents, hard working normal intelligent people with regular jobs that has a Pagan religion that they are proud of.

A magazine that isn't just a few pages to it but thick and meaty like Family Circle. I want a magazine that talks about politics, our problems in life, exercise tips, beauty tips with herbs, some spells, tips for rituals, recipes for all sorts of stuff and of coarse food recipes for OUR holidays.  I want a magazine that isn't afraid to tell it like it is and sets the record straight about things that irk the shit out of me like linking us to cults. And no Fluffy Bunny crap either.

Please is there anything out there like that?


  1. No fluffy bunny crap.....hmmmmm let's see. Nope, I don't know of any such animal, but that would be cool huh? Maybe someone who is in this circle of wackados has the wherewithall to create the no fluffy bunny crap mag you and so many of us would love. You're a great thinker upper. Nes pas? Sorry you hurt. Too bad we can't power some something wonderful with the electrical energy created by the pain. Just think of what world domination plan we could hatch.....i know but it helps me for get the reality of pain just like you and the mouse/chees/trap distraction. XOXO The Olde Bagg, Linda

  2. ahahahahhahahhahaa! Oh I was thinking (ouch it hurts when I do that)about that magazine thing all morning. I wonder if Mrs.B would like this idea. Maybe we could find someone interested enough and who has connections. But that's my wish or dream I guess.

  3. Huzzah! I want this magazine, too!

  4. That would be a great idea, and honestly if enough of us would do columns then it would be possible. It shouldn't be too hard to do it online, and for hard copy kinko's and staples can do the printing. hhhmmm. Now I'm going to have to look into it, lol. Because it would be a great idea.

  5. I think I've created a monster. BWAAhahahahahhahahhahahhaa!!!
    It's ALIVE!!!!

  6. I think there are plenty of people willing to contribute if you decided to make an online or PDF magazine. It would be really cool. I've seen lots of PDF magazines that are actually pretty good but none that focus on this topic.

  7. Woohoo! Long live the Beast! XD

    The least fluffy I can think of is Sagewoman, but that still has about a third fluff... >_<

    Ok, maybe only a quarter. Far too many adds, though, if you ask me. Anywho.

    Yup... M'dears, I think we need to be the magazines we want to see in the world...


  8. Okay, FIRST, I don't know diddly squat about starting an E-zine. I was just wishing there was one around. But ... if anyone knows how. It would be a great project for all of us who would like to do it.

  9. I'm loving the magazine idea. I have no clue of one like that that exists though. Maybe one could be started somehow :)

    Good to hear that the Lyrica and Cymbalta is working well for you. I have friends that tried that combo before for their Fibro and it just made it worse for them. You're a lucky monkey :)

  10. I totally agree!!! we need something like that!!!!


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