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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Yule Blessings And Happy Solstice, Day Four Of My Incarceration

Yule Blessings and Happy Solstice my dear minions. I do hope some of you were able to catch the lunar eclipse this morning. It was cloudy so I missed it.

There is something about a  full moon that just energizes me. New moons do that to me too. Anywho I got up this morning and had my coffee and took my meds and proceeded to take the pantry and laundry room apart. I cleaned everything in sight ... with a 30% bleach solution.

I guess David smelled it cause he stayed out of my way most of the morning. Yes I said MOST of the morning. He started bothering me about the time I started to put stuff back in place. I told him to go get his tools and junk out of his daughter's old room. He started getting mad cause I wanted to get the room ready for my moving in there with my computer and artsy fartsy stuff next week.

Now he's all mad and shit cause he thought I meant for his stuff to go in there with mine. I think I may have a problem on my hands the next few days, trying to explain that a woman needs her space away from her hubby or else hubby will end up missing, lying in a shallow grave in the middle on the desert near Fort Stockton or Alpine. I could make it a road trip for the puppies. They love road trips.


  1. Now, now, the first rule of doing um in is not telling. You dun blew it cutie. Afraid your stuck with the baggage er testosterone impaired darling. But maybe a road trip would help anyway. I used to work for a very nasty person of the male persuasion who spoke only one bit of wisdom, which I shall impart to you....endeavor to persevere. It ain't pretty but it is essential. Yule Blessings, The Olde Bagg, Linda
    psssst call if you need me to talk you down off the ceiling.

  2. or you could not have a room to yourself and teach by example what happens when a woman doesn't get time alone. When he wakes up in a shallow grave with barely a hole drilled in the coffin for air....I think he'll get right to cleaning out that room.

  3. What you need is a shovel party. A group from overseas on hand to do the deed and have flown home before anyone notices. Not that I've ever been named in any prospective shovel parties or anything...

  4. you poor dear! My hubby had a lot of bad habits, the worst one was Saturday morning loving... I wanted to sleep, he would wake me up a dawn.... then I told him "from now on I'm leaving a knife under my pillow".... that stopped him for a while. LOL Hay! the word varification for this is "shoot" ROFL!!!!!

  5. AHAHAHHAHAHhahahahahahha I love it! All your ideas were funny. After I took my shower and cleaned up from cleaning behind the washer and dryer he left me alone for three hours and then he even bought lunch. I wonder if he saw this post. Hmmmm.

  6. LOL! I doubt there is a woman alive who has not shared your pain. I used to have a Tasmanian baseball cap and whenever it was on my head, it was fair notice to my family that "momma isn't home right now."


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