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Friday, February 11, 2011

Almost A Jail Break

Oh what a beautiful day, so far. From a bone chilling 19 to now 53 degrees. But the sun is shining so that might help. Otherwise I'm in a damned great mood for once. The puppies are acting like little three year olds. Wanting to go out then coming back in as soon as the cold air hits them. They just got reprimanded by me for grabbing the clothes I had in sorted piles for washing and running all over the house with them. I'm still missing a blouse.

Yesterday I had a big scare. Mind you the puppies don't go on walks around the neighborhood, which is bad. We drive to the dog park and let them run free or David takes Spunky for walks at the track. Well yesterday we had a bit of wind that would gust up every now and again.

David had left for work without placing the gate rock back in place to keep the back gate to the courtyard closed. Well I never checked to see if the gate was opened and I let the pups out. Something really weird happened.

After I let the puppies out I walked to the front door with my coffee to sit on the porch. I opened the door and there was Pebbles, smiling, wagging her little tail. I let her in and she just pranced inside like nothing was wrong. So next I ran for the back door in the kitchen and the other two were sitting waiting to come in also. The gate was opened but they didn't run away. Although Pebbles was at the front door, none of them ran. I was totally amazed.

When I told David about it all he had to say was they love us enough not to run away like other dogs. Besides they know they have a good thing here. People who love and spoil them and a warm bed at night. Not many dogs have that. They are a lucky bunch


  1. They are an absolutely lucky bunch, you're a good momma.

  2. Dogs are so funny. I'm glad they didn't run away...happy puppies.


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