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Friday, February 4, 2011

The Crazy Witches Daybook

Outside my window I see a dusting of clean white ice/snow. That won't last long because the kids have no school today due to the icy road conditions. Unless the parents keep them inside and I don't see that happening if they want to keep their sanity.

I am thinking I'm up shit creek today because David doesn't have to go to work. That means a whole day of , yes, you guessed it, Jerry Springer. Did you know that Rat Bastard has an internet site? Springer all day 24/7.

I am thankful for the rolling brownouts here in Texas. Outages mean internet server will be down all day. I hope.

From the kitchen, it will be pizza tonight for dinner. I don't cook on Fridays and if there is freezing rain that doubles the non cooking factor.

I am wearing my baby pink sweats, size 3X, cause I like my comfort clothes extra large. And my Killer Bunny Rabbit slippers with the teeth painted red for the bloody effect.

I am going to curl up in a blanket on the couch and read a book.

I am hoping for David's sake, that he will not bother me too much with having to tell me about today's episode of Springer.

I am hearing absolutely nothing because I have barricaded myself in the bedroom for some peace.

Pictures of the Great Dusting Snow/Ice Storm of 2011:
The top two pictures are from the front porch.You can see the road and sidewalk are covered in ice/snow. The bottom one is looking out the back door to the courtyard.


  1. Just a dusting...we got a bit more in Michigan...does the rolling brownouts affect the super bowl???

  2. Those pictures closed school?!!! Wow... just wow.

  3. You need to build David one of these with internet access. Just check in once in a while to see that he's still breathing:

  4. Yes, just this amount of snow/ice closed all the schools. Simply fucking amazing. Judy, I have no idea if there will be any rolling brownouts during the Super Bowl. I don't think it would be very smart for the electric company to do so. But people have done dumber things.

  5. They closed school for that? Shit, I got more snow here in August than that! *cue Canadian igloo jokes* Seriously, a good 5 centimeters in August.
    Now okay, I might be a bit of an odd one out given that I live in the Canadian Rockies, and here in Banff it can snow at any month of the year, even when it was 20+ degrees centigrade the day before, but seriously: toughen up, school board! They don't even try to plow the side streets here, they just let the cars (and school buses) all pack it down and then sand on top of that. Between snowstorms, the periodically clear roads one block at a time with a grader to scrape the 5 inches of snow off the road. Try not to slip, eh? :P

    *ahem* Sorry, had to brag a little :) We Canucks have precious little to feel tough about :P Now that that's done, I get to say I'm a long time reader and lurker, and have finally got around to commenting on a post. Hope I didn't come off too strong ;)

  6. Allanah, I have no problem with any of my lurkers commenting on my blog. In fact, I welcome all comments. I do have one request for my Canadian lurkers and friends. PLEASE CLOSE THE FUCKIING DOOR!!! iT'S COLD DOWN HERE!!!! Thank You ;)


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