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Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Crazy Witch's Daybook

My mood is My Unkymood Punkymood (Unkymoods)

My fat ass is doing : absofuckinglutely nothing at all today. I mean I got up at 1:30 this afternoon and feel like some rich bitch princess in La La Land somewhere. I cleaned and did laundry yesterday so I could relax for the next couple of days. Feels very nice.

Latest addition to my shit list : is the neighbor bitch across the street. Everyone on my street has agreed to turn her in to Animal Control and the Health Department. She takes in stray cats, which is nice. But when you let them come into your house through broken windows and you live with their filth and you let it get to the way things are now, it's beyond being nice to animals. She is a pack rat. Her house smells like there are dead bodies in there. She says she can't catch the cats to have them spayed or neutered but yet she pets them and holds them. This is out of control. No one will cut her lawn because they step in cat crap. No one will go into her house because of the cat crap all over everything. She makes the TV program Hoarders look tame compared to this. So we are doing an intervention of this kind to try and help because everyone has tried cleaning up her house before and it comes back to this.

The hood mood : is quiet right now with the occasional soft sounds of wind  chimes and sixties and seventies music from the single neighbor guy down the street. Everyone is having cookouts or at the park. It's a typical Sunday afternoon. I could swear it's summer with the temp being 87 and the kids walking up and down the street in shorts and tank tops with their friends. It's a very nice day in this little country town..

What I'm hearing : are the wind chimes on the front porch tinkling. The occasional lawnmower and David cussing as he puts together the new butane grill he bought this morning at Home Desperate. I'm hoping he gets it done before 4 this evening so we can have a BBQ.

What am I poisoning  David with tonight : BBQ chicken, potato salad, corn on the cob and desert is red velvet cake with Seguin Pecan ice cream. Yep HEB (name is H.E. Butts I kid you not - big grocery store chain here in Texas) had this promo last year of having different Texas towns and their own ice cream flavors. Since pecans practically grow wild out here, can't even drive without crashing into the mother fuckers they gave us vanilla pecan ice cream. It's a big whupity do around here.

Shit I'm thankful for : I have a big honking list so I won't bore the shit out of y'all with it. Just one thing at a time. I'm thankful for quiet little towns like mine. Where everyone knows your momma and daddy so the kids mind their manners. No crazy car chases with a million cop car sirens blaring. Oh we have the occasional idiots who think they can do a crime or two here but it don't pay as they say and things generally go back to quiet little town mode. That's my daybook list entry for today.


  1. I am SO coming to your place for dinner... XD

  2. I think you are the Southern version of me ; ) and I heart it! This daybook is soooooooo full of awesome it's making me feel tingly.


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