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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How To Make A List For Spring Cleaning

I've been thinking, I have to get started on cleaning house this house.  Ewwwwwww! Yes, I know. Everyone is running, screaming, panicking, through their own home. But don't dispare my minions. I have a solution to this maddening thing called house work. It's called sit the hell down and have your coffee and draw up a plan of attack.

Yes, my dears, go grab a nice pen and a tablet of paper to write on. Oh you don't have a nice pen or tablets of paper?? The get dressed all warm and cozy and schlep to the car and try to dig it out of the snow. I know, you hate shoveling snow. But hey that's what that nice hunky guy across the way is for. Go get him and sweet talk him into helping.

Mmkay, the car is shoveled out of the snow and he even started it up for you while you are watching from the window slurping nice hot coffee and fantasizing. What a sweet dude, yet so stupid. Well you got the car and you drive away waving bub - by. Car is warm and toasty and it's almost lunch now. Hmmmm. Call your bff and do lunch at that cool new Italian spot you saw two weeks ago.

Ahhh. Now that was a lunch. Tell bff lets go shopping. I want that blouse I saw at the boutique yesterday ... hoping it's still there. Oh we have to hit that nice jeans boutique. Oh it's so nice to go shopping on a day like this, I feel so energized. Kiss, kiss bff. Off she goes.

Awww. The hunky guy was so nice as to shovel the snow off your walk and driveway. What a sweetie. Grab the goodies and go inside. Hide the tags in the trash and hang the clothes in the middle of the closet. Hubby won't know. I better fix dinner, he's coming home in an hour. OMG!!! This house needs a good cleaning. I'll do a list tomorrow morning. I'll need to go out and get a good pen and paper for it though.


  1. Bwahaha I love it! It's foolproof. Off we go!

  2. You are a pisser! Did you know that making lists is on my list of things I'm no longer allowed to do (since the disasterous Spring Cleaning list of 2009). I type this as I literally stare at my 2011 Spring Cleaning List.

  3. DM, I'm the biggest list maker this side of the Pecos River. Only problem is I never follow them.

  4. I'm right there with you Leeanna! Great Post, perfect timing, and scarily accurate!

  5. I make lists all the time!!!! Then 2 seconds later.... I lose the list! then I make a list to find the list I made, and lose that list too..... sigh..... now I just wing it..... 6 months later.... find the list.... hadn't done a damn thing on it!!!! winging it doesn't work!

  6. oh we are a sorry lot aren't we.

  7. I made a shopping list this afternoon...went to the list was left on the counter. **sigh** I'm fabulous for doing that.

  8. Now that is my idea of making a list for spring cleaning.

  9. Ahahaha!! Priceless! I'm a big list maker myself, but I think I like this idea better.


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