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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sorry Ass World We Live In

The dusting of snow on Friday lasted only until the sun came out. And they cancelled school for this?!!! Shit!!! When I was in Germany the buses ran on two inches of ice! Solid ice!!! We lived in Finthen AAF base and went to school in Mainz. It was quite a drive on ice slick roads. But regardless of the weather, we still went to school every day. This world has become a sorry ass place to live in.

Today it's not the kids it's the grownups that are acting like a bunch of weiners.  The parents need to stop acting like ass wipes and let their kids live. I can't believe how parents have become. They won't let their kids do anything because they are afraid of what it will do to their child. It will make the child stronger, that's what it will do!!

All this hovering over them is such a pitiful sight. We as humans have become a bunch of wussies as Gov. Rendell put it. And I am so damned sorry to say that he is so right. We have become a bunch of wussies. When are we going to stand up to these assholes that are keeping us in this way of life. These politically correct wussies are running our lives. 

We need to take back our lives and do what we want to do. Stop letting them turn our kids into being a bunch losers. Because that's what is happening. Children need to learn from their own mistakes make their own right and wrong decisions. The parents should teach them morals and values of right and wrong and let it go from there. If the child makes a wrong decision then the parent should step in and talk it over. Remember we only learn from our mistakes.


  1. Girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl, I'm sayin! That's why I blogged about this very thing this weekend!

  2. Tell em girls!!!!! Totaly agree with you all!!!

  3. So few parents realize the need to let kids have the freedom to make mistakes while they are still able to take advantage of having their parents to guide them through the messes they make. A perfect example is how many parents completely restrict dating. They don't realize that if not given the chance to LEARN how to deal with relationships (in this case, but anything really) with the help of YOU the parent, then you are sending them into the world unprepared. I totally agree with your post, but I take it one step further. Parents who don't send their kids out into the world to learn while they are still at home are being neglectful and producing children who don't have the life skills to care for themselves as adults.

  4. It never ceases to amaze me the number of adult friends of mine that pass on those 'isn't it amazing we survived as kids because...' e-mails, laughing at how things never did us any harm, when they helicopter parent their own kids. I mostly bite my tongue, but every now and again I call one of them on it, it's so much fun. I know nothing though, I have no kids... (and I had to go to school in the snow lol)

  5. You sound like you need a pick-me-up. Come on over for the chocolate giveaway. ;P

    P.S. And yes, parents can be a pain in the butt. But as much as the helicopter ones can be annoying, I think it's the ones on the other end of the spectrum that are even worse. There are so many kids I work with at school whose parents don't give a crap about what they do or who they grow up to be. The line I will always remember from one mom was, "Don't come complaining to me. From 7:30AM to 3PM he's your problem." Faced with that, I would take a helicopter parent any day.

  6. I think many parents today do not do a lot of parenting and never want it to be discovered. If little Johnny breaks his arm everyone will look to the parents and say "they're never even home," so plugging Johnny into the Wii is away of making sure their lack of parenting skills are ever discovered.

    If you teach your kids well and let them learn, they will surprise you!

    I used to spend my days playing in woods and a creek without any supervision and I didn't die.


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