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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Awwwwww Behold Dark Mother Has Shown Me Crybaby Douchebags

Just recently, a very good friend of mine that you all know and love, Dark Mother, showed me to a blog site that you ladies would love to post comments on. These, please don't get me wrong I love men and am happily married to one, sorry excuses for the male species are a waste of human flesh. This blog site for men only, does not allow comments on anything that they so happily have to say because these losers in life couldn't handle the truth that women are onto their fucking crybaby shit.

So, in light of these fucking douchebag losers. I have found something that puts them in their place. Check it out ladies!  Voice your opinions about those fucking crybaby loser men.
Oh, and since these asswipes are not accepting comments I guess that I can't give them The Douchebag Trophy that they much deserve. Can I get an AMEN ladies!


  1. I am proud to say that these asshats come and visit me on a regular basis......and leave the same inane BS comment everytime. No brains, little pee pee, yep, I know these fool children.

  2. These Douche bags are randomly spamming women's blogs with advertisements for their bullshit. They hit Rue and Hyssop today. And what they are really saying with their whiney crap is 'we can't handle real women that can see through our bullshit and notice our tiny penises, so we're going to go find women who are so used to oppression and degradation that they are willing to put up with our crap until they get their green cards and leave our asses for real men."

  3. Traveller, I love you.

    Douchebag with an identity of numbers and no page because you're too afraid to show your face, go fuck yourself and get back to your brainless woman who use assholes like you to get into this country. Wait, do you even have relationships with women? Is that why you are so bitter?

    But I digress.

    You think you're a real man? Psshht. A real man wants a real woman, not a doormat. A real man wants a woman with a voice, a brain, insight, opinions. A real man wants a partner not a hole.

    I'd love to meet you in person and have a further discussion about this, however that would require you crawling out from under your rock that you've been living in since the 1950's.

    Go stick your itty bitty dick in your passive submissive Asian wife who surely fantasizes about Brad Pitt so she doesn't throw up in your face.

    As for being a "man hater". I don't hate men, I just don't tolerate ignorant people who feel the need to dominate others.

  4. Dear 84829942-3a88-11e0-83da-000bcdcb5194:

    This reply comes from my heart without anger.

    I did stoop to your level with my name calling, you are correct. However, in your reply you called me out on it (and every other "modern woman" yet you continued your name calling in saying I am a "whore".) Those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

    In my experience men (and women for that matter) who have true hatred and venom for the opposite sex have experienced a deeply traumatic event or events from their childhood which has in turn manifested into a loathing and fear from within. I don't know your specific situation, but I'm sure your mother did something that deeply affected you and has caused you to have such hate for a woman who is not passive and submissive.

    Hate stems from fear and or pain.

    If you prefer a passive woman, that is your preference. However, to actively harass, bully and force your opinions on women who don't fit your idea of the ideal woman, makes you no different than gay bashers or racists.

    To each his own and the world would be a happier and more peaceful place.

    The Patriarchy has caused war, famine and unrest in only expressing the masculine and not the feminine. We are all both masculine and feminine, therefore it is necessary as a society to embrace this natural human experience.

    As for your comment that I will live alone with 10 cats or become a lesbian and as a modern woman, am "manly" and not "feminine". I say this: I have long beautiful red hair, wear flowy skirts and makeup, have been married to a man for over 15 years and am raising an open minding loving and respectful son with my Husband.

    I will not continue this conversation with someone with closed ears and mind. It is a waste of energy and breath.

    May the Goddess open your heart and mind to tolerance and respect.

    May She guide you to the help and guidance you need in the form of therapy so you may indeed find peace.

  5. Dammit I think I missed this jerk with numbers. That's what I get for not doing proper blogging yesterday. But you got some good ones in Dark Mother!

  6. Ok I had to post that the conformation word thingie for that last post was 'geldes' appropriate, lol. Perhaps that's what's got his knickers in a twist!


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