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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Don't Mess With The Mother


  1. Good one...Too bad people don't realize it ... self-centered...

  2. Love this! I may have to repost it. I'll give credit to you and ;)

  3. Motherfucker this is a good one!

  4. WORD.

    If you've ever read the 'foreward' in Jurassic Park, it's some amazing stuff. Not as blunt as this, but the theme is similar.

  5. Thanks Judy and SpiritPhoenix. It's such a shame that we are doing so much damage to our only home in this galaxy. But then I look at it this way. We are like a virus and Gaia is trying to shake us out of her system with everything she knows. Fire, floods, earthquakes, extreme cold and heat and whatever else she has at her disposal. Too bad we are going to all learn when it's way too late for us.

  6. human hubris is unending. We've never really given up the idea that the universe revolves around us, we just moved it into our own heads.

  7. Well, I truly believe that diseases like HIV/AIDS and Ebola (among others) are due to our deforestation of the rainforest. If we hadn't gotten rid of whatever those viruses lived in, they wouldn't have tried to use us as hosts.

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