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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Just To Keep Up

I'd like to welcome my new minions to the fold.
There are only two rules:

1. You must be able work 24/7 without pay, of coarse, in my plot for World Domination.
2. You must be able to sacrifice yourselves and endure a messy, painful death. If needed.

I will not accept weirdos in hot pink tutus with black lace and glitter. Your costumes and laser death ray guns will be arriving in the mail soon. There are no capes allowed. I wear the cape because I am your leader. BWAAAHahahahahahahahaaahahahhaaaasnort!

Mmmkay, on to bigger and brighter things.

I got busted by David yesterday. He came home early for lunch and I got caught sweeping the car port and the courtyard which is our backyard. Very tiny area that's just big enough for a patio table and chairs, a few plastic book stands I use for plants and pots, that big fucking potting table that's a bitch to move even though it has wheels cause David had use big fucking 2X4's or whatever you call them to make it, and the grill, oh and plants.

Anywho, I just got so tired of the leaves from last fall and winter piled up in the corners that I couldn't resist cleaning. What am I to do... I hate vegging out. So now I'm busted and grounded. No house work and no yard work of any kind. "Nothing strenuous for three weeks is what the doctor said" David said in a whiny voice. Yeah, whatever! So now I'm bored and I have to wear my back brace too. Shit!! Someone please come get me. I'm so tired of this.

In regards to trying to make comments back to my readers who have commented on some of my posts. Thank you for the get well praises, the compliments and all the other stuff. I do wish I could comment on my own blog comments back to you but Blogger is fucked up as usual. Sorry.

Check out what I found out yesterday after I got busted. I was  on the web, just strolling through and I found this:
This explains it all now.

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