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Friday, June 17, 2011

Notes From Hell

Hello my dear minions. David and I are going to be busy today. In fact shit started 0730 this morning. We took Pebbles to the vet for work on her left molar. She was holding on to me for dear life all the way while David drove. He was all up in her poor little face with shit like, they ( the vet) were going to put her to sleep and take pictures of her naked and shit. With cats lying next  to her doing nasty things to her and then they were going to put a squirrel on her and take pictures of that and post everything on the Internet.

Poor thing was shaking in my arms so hard that when they finally took her from me to the back to take her temp and get her into a cage, I looked down at myself and it looked  like PETA might get me for sporting a fur coat. She left like a pound of fur on my scrubs top that I was wearing.

We came home and the other puppies started shaking too when they sniffed me. I just had to say you guys are next if you don't get your shit together and start picking up your toys. Poor little Lucy got all defensive and shit. She's afraid to come near me now.

I have my appointment this morning at 1130 so we will see how that goes. I am wondering if he  will send me back to Dr. M. for the rest of my Lumbar Injections. Fuck, I can't wait.

After that mess David and I will have lunch at Olive Garden and then go to Home Desperate to get bird  seed and I want to see if they have some flowers that I saw on their site.


  1. Poor little hot mess, look at that face!

  2. Aaawww...poor little nervous girl. I had a friend who always swore if he ever had a kid he was going to get a double stroller and when the kid acted up tell him that his twin used to do the same thing and when he asked 'what twin' he'd say 'exactly'. This reminds me of that,lol.
    I hope the pain isn't too bad today- but on the plus side olive garden! There is nothing that marscapone can't make better.


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