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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Uh Oh!!!

Last week I said in a post that we needed rain. I also said it was time for some Witchy Intervention. It is also time for David to pay up and take me to dinner this weekend. The reason is I bet him I could make it rain again just like last time. 

Ummmm, I wonder how he will explain this one. I can already hear thunder off in the distance. Check out the yellow line of thunder storms. If you look at the abbreviations we are EWX right below AUS for Austin, SAT is San Antonio to the south west of us.


  1. He came out alright, I'd say. At least he didn't bet against you being able to make his hair fall out! ;)

  2. Can you send some of that farther north to Oklahoma City?? I'm dying to get some rain up here....

  3. ahahahhaaa!!! I'll see what I can do hon.

    We are fine. wonderful rain for three hours. Supposed to get more tonight.

  4. HAHAHA! He should know better than to doubt you, lol.


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