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Monday, July 11, 2011

The Crazy Witch's Daybook

My mood :  My Unkymood Punkymood (Unkymoods)  I should make this my usual mood since I seem to be  zobified all the time after the weekend. Oh Fuckit!! Who am I kidding. I feel like this all the time. Lately all I want to do is sleep too. I can't seem to shake this shit and I don't want to tell my doctor cause he'll put me on yet another pill of some sort. I'm thinking it's the weather cause I seem to be this way when it get's hot.

What's happening at Casa de Loco: Nothing right now. I just got back from taking the puppies on "an adventure" Yeppers, their idea of "an adventure" at least. I take them out for a little ride in the car around the block. If by chance I decide to let them out at the dog park one day when no one is there, it would blow their little doggie minds. Right now they are all outside chasing squirrels while the temp is in the low 80's.

David and I had a bit of fun with ice cream. No, nothing kinky, so get your minds out of the damned gutter. He found an old ice cream maker from a long time ago when his daughter was little. So he cleaned it up and we went on the web and found a few vanilla ice cream recipes to try. None of them tasted good. We even tried store bought ice cream starter in a box but it was yucky. So David is going to see what his co-worker/friend's recipe for ice cream is.

David is back to work, thank the goddess. He pretty much behaved himself and let me alone. He remembered to turn down the sound during Jerry Springer and Maury. I don't understand how an educated man, that he is, can watch this trash TV.  How can he stand this shit? It's so scripted cause half the time these people don't know what the fuck they're saying and then that stupid bell rings for the fight to begin just like Pavlov's dogs they mindlessly go at each other. It's completely mind numbing.

Anywho, David also did a few things to make himself usefull. Let's see, he put new brake pads on my car, only the front. I stayed outside to watch so he wouldn't cut my brake lines. He finally moved some of the rocks that he stupidly bought without asking me  to the other side of the house and put them where I wanted them because the Bitch's cats from across the street keep using  the side garden for their litter box.

I have been fighting back by slinging the cat shit back into her yard with a small shovel. That bitch was told by the city that she can't have cats anymore because she won't have them spayed or neutered. But yet she went and put collars on two of them that she keeps hiding in her house when the Animal Control comes around. AC can't pick up the cats if they have tags. But the tags belonged to her dogs and the AC don't know that. This woman knows how to get around the rules. But I plan on calling AC later today to report her because she let a stray momma cat have kittens in her house and now the cat is preggers again.

In regards to my fat fluffy ass: I did gain about 3 pounds with the ice cream. Not too happy about that. I've been doing my back exorcises religiously every morning and night to get my back into good working order. Only one problem. Last night while I was doing dishes, My lower back popped for no reason and it hurt like a sonofabitch too. It felt like I popped another bone spur. Been hurting ever since. I really need to go lay down for a bit and I will in due time.

What I'm reading: Well everyone's blogs, that's what. Brandon over at My Own Private Idaho is a laugh. You Have to check him out. He's having problems with the hicks in Utah. David has dealt with them too. He had to visit for an audit at one of the Plants he deals with on a daily basis.

What I need to do today: Well wash clothes cause I didn't do it Saturday. And then Sunday we went on a road trip. So I will be doing house work and then maybe I can lay down for a bit before dinner.


  1. Woo! Thanks for the shout out, darlin. And as for the Utes, I spent today in Wyoming. TOTAL OPPOSITE. It's like everyone was my long lost best friend!

    Weird. Tomorrow is Montana. I expect to be burned at the stake.

  2. I always give shout outs to friends, hon.

  3. aaaaaaahhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaA! I love the kitty Jerry Springer pic. I would love to stay at your house when David is on vacation for the week, for the entertainment alone ; )

  4. AAAHAHAhahahahaaahahahaaahhahahaaa!!! No


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