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Thursday, July 28, 2011

I'm Back, My Minions

Yeppers, a one and a half week hiatus does wonders for the fucked up crazy minded like me. I had a great time just lounging around and then my Bro and his wife K and my niece J came out to see us and we went out to eat and kill some time and I wanted to kill David the whole time but that's slated for tomorrow's blog entry. Sure to be a pleaser for all you husband haters out there.

The reason why I'm on my blog today instead of on Monday next week is because David got word from one of his best buds /old grade school  let's get into more fucking trouble than we can legally get out of  mates on the phone on Tuesday. Rick, his bestest friend in the whole world, whom they shared divorces together and said neither one would ever get married again, and to which they both met the right women, one being me, and they both got married again, asked David if he could go fishing this Thursday thru Saturday. David said it was up to the wife (me) and that he would have to come and ask, sorry, BEG my permission.

So Richie Rich came over to the house and got down on his knees, I should have taken a picture of this scene or even video would have been better so I could show it to his wife Beth. Anywho, he begs me in a whiny little boy's voice - yes, really he did - if David could come fishing with him and the guys. To which I replied Hell no, not without a fucking note. But he knew I was playing as usual, called me a bitch and hugged me. I'm easy, what can I say. Besides, I get some me time for two days.

So now David is packing and unpacking and packing again. I'm repacking his bag, taking out the pink ball gown and tiara and the negligee and black bras putting all the right stuff for the fishing trip, and all the while David is playing with his reel and winding new fishing line on it over and over again each time and I'm thinking to myself that the first time he casts that sucker it'll get into a tangled mess. Yes, I'm a morbid bitch and I fucking like it.

David is all a giddy cause it's his first fishing trip of the year in like two years. Only TS Don is coming along for the fun too. Yeppers, The boys are watching to see if Don doesn't just go South to Mexico and let them have their fun. And all the while I'm praying to the Goddess for a whopper of a rain storm that the Texas farmers need so very badly. Last check was Don in a drunken wobble to Mexico. Crap on toast! I never get a break.


  1. Oh you Morbid Bitch, I love you!!! LOL

  2. Welcome back! I missed you!

    Also... bwahaha.. He actually begged! Love it. Love it lots.

    P.S. Is it not normal to wanna kill the husband sometimes?

  3. You draw us in with the "naked" line, and then there's no gratuitous nudity? What the hell??

    I hope you enjoy the peace and quiet. Make the most of it.

  4. AAaaaahh my Bitches!!! It's so good to be back and receiving the abuse I love so much.

    Mmkay darlin, only you would know what that meant. BWwaaahahahahaaaa! I didn't think anyone would get that. I'm shocked I have a smart ass in the peanut gallery. WOW! I am absolutely shocked! I had one for show em yer rod. But I wanted to see what would happen. Nice catch there Brandon.

  5. YOu are hilarious and I know hubby adores you as much as we do.

  6. Welcome back Evil Overlord!! You were missed. We got a nice soaking last night, no watering the garden for me this morning - yippeee!!

  7. Alone time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!11

  8. Thank you Sea Witch. I do adore all my minions.

    Lydia - a pox on you my child for being so bold as to say you got rain when the rest of us are all suffering. Shame, shame, double shame! ahahahaha!

    DM - I'm doing my happy dance.
    Today I plan to sleep all day.
    Feed the puppies and have some pizza rolls.
    Tonight I will break open a bottle of fine white grape juice (meds ya know)and sit out in the courtyard and look at the stars and fight off all the mosquitoes and then run inside.

  9. Oh. My. Goddess.- I love your blog entries. They make me smile! My fav. line in this post was: 'Yes, I'm a morbid bitch and I fucking like it."


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