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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Quick Notes

I went and did it again. I fucked up my back while cleaning house. Yeppers, I was mopping and the like and all of a sudden *POP*!!  Shit! It felt like my spine fell out of my body. It just fell and my legs gave out and I had to use the mop to help me hobble to a chair.

Now that was a de ja vu  moment. It reminded me of my ER visit and my back popped the same way there in the waiting room and I screamed from the pain. A bone spur had broken off and lodged under a nerve. I'm just very thankful that I have the drugs to kill the pain right now. I'll be calling my doctor when I finish here to see what he wants me to do. Other than that I am  just waiting around. The Gabapentin and Hydrocodone kicked in minutes ago.

As you all know I took off the email that Linda had sent me. I emailed her and she asked me to take it off my blog because of problems. I am sorry Linda, my friend. I will still say prayers and light my candles for you and yours.

Oh, I will be away from the blogging world all the next two weeks. My brother is coming to visit and then David and I are taking the puppies to the coast for a week. So I will be out officially on vacation my minions.
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