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Friday, July 8, 2011

What I've Been Up To

Sorry I have been MIA for this past week but having the hubster home and driving me up the fucking wall all week is taking up all my damned time. Well that and doing house work and cleaning up after him and the puppies.  Then  going with him on little road trips to New Braunfels to find his favorite Summer Sausage and giving him directions on driving through town even though he has lived in this part of Texas all his fucking life and still has no idea how to get around in NB. Having him yell at me in the car when he takes the wrong turn. Shooting his silly ass because he was yelling at me because he wasn't paying attention when I told him to take a right turn at this next light, etc...etc...etc.

I can say one good thing. I haven't had to call 911 yet to report that I need an ambulance because he repeatedly ran backwards into the knife I was holding behind him. Nine times. That's right, I've been restraining myself from becoming a widow. Besides I'd look tacky in black from head to toe.

On the other great side. He has been letting me sleep as late as I want. I feel like a lazy rich bitch. But hey,  I'm still having trouble getting to sleep at all at night. He knows how bad it is for me and I love him to death for his understanding. The Fibro is kicking my fluffy fat ass.  The only thing kicking Fibro's butt is my Gabapentin and Hydrocodone. Thank the Goddess for great drugs.

I did get him to finish some shit that I have wanted him to do outside that he has been passing up. I think it's because I ask him to do this or that.  So I have to turn the tables so to speak and use reversed psychology on him. If I can make him think he came up with the idea then he goes fucking hog shit wild on doing chores I needed him to do. Whatever lights his farts, ya know.

One thing I got David to do was paint the inside of the cabinet under the sink. I wanted to show him how much brighter it would look. Also to get him to think about refinishing the outsides of the cabinets, sanding them down  and painting them and replacing the hardware. Just to make it brighter. That kitchen is so fucking dark and dreary. Whoever thought of putting up dark brown fake paneling in a kitchen should be tied spread eagled to steaks on a fire ant hill and smeared with honey. Must have been an unmarried man.

Anywho, David thought about it and finally agreed with me. Fuck a duck! I need to somehow get him to think about recessed lighting with LEDs and chuck that fucking ceiling fan in there. I hate that thing and it was a stupid idea to put it in there. The only things we will need to buy for the kitchen makeover is the LED lighting, paint, shelf paper, glass tiles for the back splash, the concrete counter top, cabinet hardware, and the flooring. We are going to save about $10 or $15 grand because we have already new appliances and we will be doing this all ourselves. Just like we did the rest of the house. Hopefully this makeover won't take two years to complete.
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