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Monday, October 17, 2011

The Crazy Witch's Daybook

My Mood :  Bummed out, if you need to know. I'm bored and there are so many things to do before next Monday.

Thank You's : I need to thank all my minions who have come in the past few weeks and posted comments on my blog entries. I am a bad blogger cause I don't come in enough to check on the comments y'all leave. So thank you for reading and leaving comments. Remember, not enough comments and the duck get's it!

What's going on: Mmkay this is really stupid. After David had the can lights put into the ceiling of the kitchen, he decided to put up the sheet rock. Now instead of doing the sheet rock on the  ceiling first. I could just smack the shit out of him.  Cause he's got the sheet rock up on the ceiling then he scratches his head like Bob from Prometheus and Bob. It's on Go check it out. It's stupid as hell, but it makes my brother laugh. "Uh, like where are the lights?"

So he starts knocking on the ceiling to find the cans. I just shake my head and tell him if he hurts himself before I go in for surgery next week, I'll kill him. He found them and cut the holes perfectly and put the LEDs back into the lamps. Looks really nice. Next weekend he wants to tape and float the walls and ceiling.

What I'm Reading: I finished the Chicagoland Vampire series and I'm waiting for book five to come out. Chloe Neill can write a pretty good mystery. Book five will be out Nov. 1st, can't wait! Neill also has another series she is starting. The Dark Elite series. I have books one and two on order from The prices are great.

The one I am reading now is Ghost Town by Rachel Caine. Ever since I found the first book by accident as a short story installment. I've been crazy about these kids. If you like Vampire books, then check the Morganville Vampire series out. It's very good also.

What is planned for today: I have a few things to get at Wally World today. I need to get a pair of regular slippers cause my Monty Python Killer Bunny slippers might scare the shit out of someone in the  hospital. Or someone might just walk off with em. I also have to buy a couple of pairs of shorts cause I can't go to Physical therapy in hospital gowns. Fucking gowns look dorky to begin with and I don't want the world to see my fat ass hanging out. I could end up on the internet. Shit!!

What's for din din: I'm making Taco  Casserole. Everyone has something else they call it. It's comfort food. I take a pound of ground beef and brown it in a skillet with half an onion diced fine. Add a heaping tablespoon of comino, teaspoon garlic salt, pepper. When the beef is browned really good pour in a packet of either taco seasoning or enchilada seasoning and mix completely add a can of diced tomatoes and let simmer for fifteen minutes.

While the beef mixture is simmering, open up two regular sized cans of enchilada sauce. I go with the mild. David hates hot stuff. get a baking dish with a cover that is the size you want to make this in. I use my 10X10inch baking dish with clear glass top. Open up one of the cans of enchilada sauce and pour a bit of it on the bottom of the baking dish. Just enough to cover the bottom. This is going to be like making lasagna.

On top of the sauce, layer the dish with corn tortillas, then spoon on the beef mixture enough to make a thin layer. Pour sauce over this and add shredded Jack cheese. I also add mozzarella shredded up. Layer corn tortillas, then beef, then sauce, then cheese. If you have a 2 inch tall dish make the layers up to where there is a 1/2 inch of the dish side showing. Cover the top with the last of the cheese how ever the way you like it. This stuff will bubble over the sides and smoke out the kitchen if not careful. The picture above was the closest looking casserole like mine. Go Here to see the recipe for the pictured casserole if you like.

Cover the dish and put it in a hot 350 degree oven with a cookie sheet on the rack below the dish. Bake for 20 minutes then take the cover off the dish and raise the heat to 400 to brown the cheese. Then take it out and slice it into squares or whatever. Mine usually yields 6 slices. So I can put the 4 leftover slices in containers and David can get his TexMex fix later in the week with leftovers.


  1. Wow, a recipe, a murder, and a book review? ALL in one post?

    You're like Superman. But, a girl... so, like, Supergirl?

  2. I make taco casserole too, a little different but does it really matter? It's food porn. For realz.


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