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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's A Drug !!

I have a deep dark confession and I gotta come clean. It's a bad monkey on my back and I can't shake it off. I've tried walking away but I always come back to it. I just can't do without it. I go through withdraws like nobody ever has.

Yeah I'm hooked and I'm proud of it!. I play it when I get any free time. When I'm not blogging, when I'm cooking, cleaning house, whatever, whenever. I've made it to level 4-2!! BWAAhahahahahaaahahaaaa!!!  What is it you may ask. It's... it's.......

I am so fucking hooked on this shit. It's funny as hell too. They have Zombies attacking in ducky inner tubes in the water. some in scuba gear. They have Zombies floating with a balloon tied around their waist. There is the Zamboni and the bobsled team.  The old man Zombie that gets pissed and shakes his fist at you when you shoot his newspaper from his hands. It's so crazy that ya just gotta love it.

So what am I going to do in my free time in the hospital?  Go through withdraw again I guess. For three L O N G days.  *sigh*

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