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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Knee Surgery Plus Videos

Last night I held the mother of all full moon rituals. I prayed and prayed that my surgery will go well and I will be able to return to work finally. I usually do my best work on a new moon but I figured what the hell I can try now cause the new moon wouldn't be until the 26th.

Surgery? Yeah, well I went to see a second opinion Orthopedic Doctor on Tuesday and he said the same thing. Even wanted his own set of x-rays done cause he didn't trust other doctors. Don't get me wrong, I found out this doctor is the best in his field. Also the hospital here in town is rated 5 Stars for their Orthopedic Department. San Antonio doesn't even have that. Fucking amazing, cause this is a small town I live in of 25K. Just a dent in SA's population.

Anywho, I have arthritis so fucking bad in both knees that he said they will have to be done. Meaning I am going to have the right knee fully replaced on the 24th of this month. Then we will see if the other one can do well with a Synvisc-One injection. These injections last for about 6 months. So you have to keep getting them until you finally decide to get the knee surgery. He said both are bone on bone so I might decide to get that one done in November.

I kinda know that my knees are needing this surgery. When you feel bone on bone rubbing when you walk and how much pain there is involved in something that we all take for granted, then you really want to get this taken care of.

So surgery is my only way out  now. I have some grizzly vids of a total knee replacement surgery below. There are 10 videos all in order from FROSTERBOY88 on They are very detailed and if you have a weak stomach I would advise you to not watch them. I think they are very good.


  1. Wow those videos are amazing! Just wish they were narrated lol My next door neighbor had this done a couple of months ago and with a physical therapist that came to her house a couple times a week she was up and walking in about 2 weeks (short distances), then she went to a physical therapy office for a couple more weeks and is now back at work as a 5th grade teacher. I couldn't believe how quickly she was able to start walking.

    Your going to be so relieved when all is said and done!!!

  2. Good luck with the surgery! May white light surround and protect you.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement, Lesadora. I hope to be back to walking within 6 weeks hopefully at least with a cane. David my hubby is taking FMLA for a week or two. He needs to talk to the doctor first to find out the details.

    I'm just hoping that if this surgery works I will be able to get back to work and help out with all the bills. Thank the Goddess that our insurance will pay for everything. We will only pay $200 and that's it.

  4. Thank you Debra. I need all the healing power I can get.

  5. I have one bad knee... "significant chronic damage" is what the Doc diagnosed me with, and it's definitely not fun. Sorry to hear about both your knees (cringe) It's awesome of have such great insurance though; that's a HUGE plus! After you have all the surgery done, you will feel like a new woman! I will keep you in my prayers. May the Goddess bless you with healing and a quick recovery!

  6. My Great grandmother, grandmother, mom and aunt all have the same problem, they say it runs in the genetics so it's a safe bet i will have it too. i feel for ya. I remember seeing how much pain my great grandmother was in, they wouldn't offer her the surgery because she was so old. Goddess bless you through this ordeal.

  7. Good luck with the surgery!

  8. Hola! Long time no see.

    Those videos were so cool. =D Sending you best wishes for a good surgery & a quick recovery. ^-^


  9. Good luck with your surgery honey. On a funnier note, next time I want to tip the fridge, I'm coming here and watching these videos because I just lost my appetite for breakfast.


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