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Thursday, October 20, 2011

New Hoochie Mama By Mattel

Oh shit! They gone and done it now. They really turned Barbie into a Hoochie Mama. Pink hair, tattoos, a little dog in a cactus outfit to make it look mean as hell. Yeah whatever. I can just hear the screamers.
"Mattel, what are you doing to our little girls? You've turned Barbie into a  ... a ... prostitute!!!"

I like that ... evil grin. BWAAAHAAhahhahahahahahahahahahaaaaa!!


  1. i'm totally getting the pole and clear fuck me pumps accessories set.

  2. I'm getting the trailer park set and pick up truck on the lawn accessories.

  3. Yes, parents apparently are having a fit over her tattoos. Not her OUTFIT, no, her TATTOOS. That's funny!

    I like the dog. It's cute.

  4. I want her so bad! She is the new line by Tokidoki, there's bags/cloths/hats. I'm totally addicted to Tokidoki & have 2 purses, cell bag, laptop bag, figures he he. it's an expensive addiction =/ The dogs name is Bastardino (I have one). This Hoochie Mama comes with an appropriate 'fee' of $50 fucking dollars!!!!

  5. OMGdess! OMGdess! OMGdess! My It just told me to buy her!!! With his credit card! OMGdess I'm squealing with excitement! We're gonna go to the Tokidoki store on Melrose Avenue in LA =D I hope they have her, shes sold out on the website.

  6. they should just call her Vegas Barbie and include a stripper pole and nipple pasties. She looks like most of the woman I see here, except 75% of them are woman in their 70's and their tits hanging down to their knees... The dog is cute though lol

  7. Wow, some stereotyping going on here. I have lots of tats and dye my hair black, and if anybody called me a slut/stripper/ho whatever, I'd have them bleeding on the ground.

    I have years of education and a business degree and have been working at the tax department and the city hall here among other things, sooo...

  8. Sorry Eccentricity. Didn't mean to step on your toes. This blog is meant to show the fun side of life because mine is so fucked up from my life of pain. As you can see from some of my posts I like to poke fun sometimes. If you like the things I have to blog about fine and dandy. I don't mind comments as long as they are constructive and fun not destructive or mean. Just sayin...


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