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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Stressed To The Max

I got up early this morning and started things rolling before my surgery. I went to the Wellness Center at the hospital and had my account frozen for three months. That way I won't need to go through all the crazy shit all over again about being re-evaluated. I can unfreeze it when I'm ready to get back into the pool and on the bike.

Then I went to Hastings Books and bought some books for later. I then schlepped my ass all alone over to Wally World again.  I hate taking David cause he critiques my shopping choices. I picked up some new color  pencils cause mine are down to the ends. A new sketch pad and I also found three pair of  shoes that I couldn't do without. How is that possible you ask?  I'm a woman,  so fuck you, I need my shoes, so there David!

I bought some hand lotion and a small tube of toothpaste. So I need to put these things in my small bedside bag.  I'm going to have David bring it after the surgery is done and they put me in my room. I also have a bigger bag for David to bring the next day that will contain clothes for me to walk around in and go to physical therapy in. Like I said in an earlier post, I hate hospital gowns.

Our insurance will take care of all the things like a walker and shower chair when I get home. So we are good with that. We got the approval letter from the insurance company yesterday saying the surgery is a GO.

So now I wait. But in the meantime, I'm cleaning house, doing laundry and cooking and freezing extra meals for David for the next three weeks. Otherwise he'll hit the fast food joints and I want him to stay away from them as much as possible. WHEW!!! Mmkay so that's what I'm up to this week. Shit I need some drugs!!


  1. Wow... you wore me out just with me reading this! Well, at least you will be having some time to rest, although that's a helluva to to do it. Hope things settle down for you so you can relax, recoup, and just concentrate on healing!

  2. Girl, you sound like me 3 days before I went into labor. I nested like a motherfucker. I had a freezer full of food I cooked in 2 days that lasted us almost a month.

  3. good luck with your surgery...hope for a speedy recovery. HMMM maybe you'll have plenty of time to blog....or read some

  4. All will be well -- bright blessings to you.


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