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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

         Happy Thanksgiving My Friends!!

I'm so freaking busy I don't have time to think or even post anymore. It's absolutely crazy around here and I have to apologize to all my minions and non-minions because I haven't posted in over a week and a half .

David has been off all week since it's Thanksgiving. That makes it hard to do things I want to do cause he's underfoot all the time and won't let me do anything. Also, he is being a total anal shithead. He has plastered and replastered the walls and ceiling in the kitchen, not to mention sanding the rough plaster which produces so fucking much dust all over the kitchen and gets tracked throughout the house. I want to plaster him but good. I never thought I'd say this but I wish he'd just sit in front of the TV and watch Jerry Springer all day.

But I did get the laundry done and some house cleaning finished before today. I took his sanding toys away and hid them in the trunk of my car until after today is over.

I had my last in-home physical therapy yesterday (Wednesday) and got a great rating. Sarah, not her name, said she will be submitting her report to Dr. D by next week Friday. I was able to bend my knee 110 degrees which is what is needed to pass. I was so excited and I had no pain at all except for my bad knee. Soooo that means if the report is favorable as I know it will be, the total knee replacement surgery will be done next month on my left knee as planned. I'm so excited. Yes I know I'm weird. But that's me.
If the doctor says yes, then we will do the surgery on the 12th of December and I will be out on the 15th. Hoping everything goes well here.

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