Friday, November 25, 2011

Itchy Dancing

My husband, David and I have this fantastic rug for our bedroom. It's a huge ruff bamboo.  I found out today while I was doing my exercises that the puppies love it too.

Pebbles and The Spunkinator get down and dance (sorry no pictures) on the rug while I'm doing my knee and leg routeen. They start out with the dying fish out of water number. I can only describe it as, well two fish wiggling back and forth, wiggling head to touch toes which is exactly what they do on their backs.

They wiggle from side to side on their backs and make hacking noises like they're dying. Then they stop for a moment and catch their breaths. Pebbles then turns over on her stomach and starts doing the lizard drag while Spunky watches.  It's something like a lizard holding itself up on his front legs while dragging his back useless legs around on the floor. Arching the back is key so that the stomach makes full contact with the rug.

By the time I am done with all ten exercises of my own, they are done with their dance itch relief routeen. I tried to take pictures once but as soon as I get the camera into view they stop and give me dirty looks like this is their private dance. It's not for the whole world to see. Little prima donnas


Unknown said...

Yay your back! you've been missed!

Leanna said...

awwwww thanks hon. I really missed blogging.

Anonymous said...

I love your dogs, and I'm glad your back. I wasn't on blogger for a week or so....lots o' shit happenin at Casa De Psycho.

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