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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Just Some Stuff To Keep You Up To Date

Thank you ALL for sending me healing thoughts. They have helped a great deal. I feel wonderful for someone who had surgery to replace a knee only a week and a half ago. I mean to tell you that it's not exactly something I would do every day. It surely was not a piece of cake and the pain was a mother fucker to go through.

I have a fantastic Physical Therapist who treats me like shit. She makes me work hard. Wish I could get a treat for doing something good. ahahahahahaaa! She says I'm still two weeks ahead of many of her other patients in their exercises.  I'm now walking around without a cane while many others are still on their walkers. My doctor is very happy with what is happening. I will be getting the staples out on Tuesday this week so I plan to get totally blitzed before I go. I might take pictures of the removal if I can function.

This week I will be taking new pictures of the kitchen renovation. Don't expect something great on this cause David has been busy taking care of me and then working too. My poor baby is getting so tired. He deserves to go fishing or something he likes to do to relax.


  1. Glad you are feeling well.... blitzed as in? alcohol? It actually increases bleeding.... pain meds will help tho.

  2. Glad your still doing so well, keep up the good pt work.

  3. I think that blitzed photos will be better than un-blitzed ones... just sayin'...

    Glad you're still kicking ass! =D

    Your hubby is just the sweetest. ^-^


  4. I hope you're kicking ass and taking names with that cane. Perhaps you should have it painted to look like Dr. House's cane?

  5. Awesome! ...although I'm thinking the Doc may not appreciate you being blitzed at the time of your appointment LOL

  6. Congrats on your progress! Keep up the good work with your therapist.

    I like Dark Mother's idea of painting your cane to look like House's!


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