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Monday, December 12, 2011

The Crazy Witch's Daybook

My Mood:  Yeah whatever. I'm soooooo freaking bored right now. I was going to work on my BOS today and get a few pages done but I'm not in the mood. Maybe later.

Freaky Shit Over The Weekend:  I watched the GOP debate and just laughed my ass off. As usual our beloved STUPID Governor Rick "Prick" Perry made an ass of himself, as usual. The man needs to shut up. But nooOOOOooooo. He goes and opens his stupid yap and makes a complete idiot out of himself which isn't hard and picks a little fight with Romney over mandates and what he said in a book.  One  thing my sweet minions. Please consider this.

Just sayin...

I was working on my exercises for my right knee on Saturday and of all things, I pulled a muscle in my calf. SHIT!!! That was so fucking painful. I should have warmed up first but I was in a hurry. I had a hard time walking the whole weekend so I had to grab my cane. I finally got things back to normal this morning. But dang! That was one painful lesson.

David is still working on the kitchen. He was playing around on his favorite web site He was looking around in there for the counter top and back splash that I wanted. Sneaky bugger. Me thinks he shall get this done while I am in the hospital. At least I think he will. He's sneaky like that.

Our first yule together, back in 2002. He bought a chef's kitchen island that I oooo'd and ahhh'd about in World Market in Austin. It had a marble inlaid top and wine rack on the bottom. It was absolutely gorgeous. He went all the way back to Austin to get it for me while I was working. I cried croc tears on Yule when I opened it up. Best Yule ever. Mmkay, what did I get on the Humble Meter?

What I'm Reading: I finally got my newest Chloe Neill book, Drink Deep. Yes I'm an avid reader of all things Vamp and Witch. She combines both worlds and I just love it! Her 6th book comes out in August. The only thing I can say is, if you haven't picked up this book yet do so but start with her first one Some Girls Bite. She's awesome!

Other Shit and Ramblings:  Since I had my right knee replacement I haven't had much of an appetite.  I was told that some people lose their appetite when they have surgery like mine. But it was totally weird. Because while I was in the hospital for those three days I only drank cranberry juice or ate jello. David kept prodding me to eat but I couldn't.

It got to the point that I stopped eating at home too. I just gave the excuse that I was in too much pain to eat something. Which was also true. It was like I just couldn't eat with the pain going on in my knee. So now I'm eating somewhat. But it's like a hit and miss. Like for tonight, no dinner for me cause I'm not interested. I still cook for David but I'm just not hungry. When I get better after this left knee surgery coming up, I sure hope this continues. I'll be working out again at the Wellness Center by February. Then the pounds should be melting off from all the activity.
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