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Friday, December 30, 2011

Just A Note Before The Weekend

I can't sleep so that gives me a great excuse to play like an old lady sitting next to you on a plane and tell you about all my operations and pain experiences and grand kids and such. In other words I'm back to bother the shit out of y'all.

Had the left knee totally replaced. Yeah, yeah. It's a pain in the ass right now but what can I say. I asked for it. I got out of the hospital on Thursday last week but I wished I could have stayed another two days. I felt like, wait, I FEEL like shit warmed over right now. Pain is unbelievable but I have my meds and can control the pain on my own. That's a good thing.

David is home for the whole week and hasn't watched a single episode of Jerry Springer *GASP*!  I know!!! It's like he's was abducted by aliens or something. He has been working like a mad man on the cabinets in the kitchen. He waits until I get up in the morning so he won't wake me up with all the sanding noise from the sander I got him six years ago. The man is just finding out all the cool toys I bought him when I was still working. I have a picture of one of the cabinets that he finished to show me how the rest of them will look. It's awesome! The light brown paint job on the outside makes the kitchen look bigger and brighter. I love it! 

David will be going back to work next week so I will be on my own. No more hand maiden to wait on me hand and foot. No more loud sanding on the cabinets and such. Whatever shall I do?? BWAAAHAAhaahahahahahahaaasnort! Sorry, I just had to get that evil out of my system. 

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  1. Semi-bionic woman? When they rebuilt you, did they add more snark? =P

    Bug away, it's good to see you posting again. :D


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