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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Angry Birds, Southern Dysfunction Style

Martina over at Southern Dysfunction had an Angry Birds rant going on. I was laughing my fat ass off at that rant until I remembered my own rant I had with David when I was playing AB on little Hal in the bedroom while I was lying on the heating pad for my pain in the ass back. He was wondering why I was screaming at the mini-laptop until he came to look for himself. He just walked away shaking his head and told the puppies that I finally lost it and that he would be taking care of them from now on.

Anywho her rant is priceless because it sounded like me last night. So you, my minions and lurkers have got to go check this funny as shit woman for yourselves.


  1. Thanks for the mention.
    I'm glad I'm not the only one who flies off the handle at that game. lol

  2. The Boy is having an Angry Birds themed birthday party and this cracked me up. Since that game came out I've had absolutely no interest in it. Then about 2 weeks ago I figured, fuck it, I'm gonna check it out. Holy fucking crack on a screen. It's insane!

  3. I haven't played it yet!!! I'm so lacking in fun skills. going to play it now!


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