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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bacon, And I Don't Mean Kevin

Yesterday Brandon over at My Own Private Idaho did a post about bacon.  Yes, yes he did.  He said and I quote ... 

"This is a blogging rite-of-passage, brethren.
No blogger is truly complete until they've
dedicated an entire post about this
tasty phenomenon"

So now I need to do my part for the good of the blogging community and post about that tasty, crispy, salty, yummy slice of pig that actually should be in it's own food group. Yes bacon should be in a group of it's own people! Yes, yes it should! It should also have it's own set of rules.

I have a terrible weakness towards bacon. That's one of the reasons why I don't let David buy it when he goes grocery shopping. If it ain't on the list, it ain't in the house. But, if by chance David shows a bit of weakness and brings home the bacon, so to speak. I will fry it up. Every last tasty slice of it will be fried and made into BBLT sammiches. Oh yes! That is double bacon lettuce and tomato. YUM!!

Nuff said!


  1. You're hilarious girl! I'm a big bacon fan too.....literally. I will have the real stuff a few times a year but for the rest of the time I make turkey bacon. Bacon's ugly yet very nice sister.

  2. "Mmmmmmmmm. Bay-cone" say it with a Canadian accent... you can even add an "Eh?", I don't mind ;)

  3. Bacon...because that's the only reason I stay married. I swear he makes the best bacon ever!!!


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